Can You Sell Your Product By Simply Showing A Video Clip?

Since we are living in an age, where sharing a picture and video of any product has become so much easier and simpler. Therefore, these days many eCommerce businesses have started sending video clips of their product so that their customers may get a real feel of the product before buying it.

While images of any product can offer a fair amount of idea about how your product would look and customers can understand the product, videos can add the missing links to any customer and it will be possible to explain the function and the usage of the product.

FeriaPixel es una Productora Audiovisual ubicada en Santiago para la realización de videos corporativos y videos animados

Both product images and videos may go hand in hand and help a customer to make his choice confidently before making a buying decision. 

The following are a few data that has come out of a survey:

  • 96% of consumers have found videos quite helpful to make online purchase decisions.
  • Almost 4 times more consumers would like to watch a video clip about a product rather than reading their details.
  • 93% of customers who prefer to do comparisons while shopping have stated that they will use videos to make their decision.
  • Almost 87% of those who were surveyed found business videos are quite helpful for doing further research into various products and services by the same brand.

FeriaPixel Production Company is in the business of creating audiovisual production (In Spanish productora audiovisual) and helps various businesses to create a proper video clip of all kinds of products so that they can improve their online sales.

FeriaPixel es una Productora Audiovisual ubicada en Santiago para la realización de videos corporativos y videos animados

What are the benefits of such video clips?

When you want to boost your online sales, then one can use video content so that you can profit from:

  • Product videos

Any product video can show your potential customers about the working of your product or service. Seeing is always believing, and hence your customers must see what you are offering in action to enable them to learn the benefits of your product clearly and build confidence and trust in your brand.

  • Explainer videos

When you are interested in briefly explaining what your product/service is all about, then such explainer videos will be the best option. For both B2C’s and B2B’s, they will be great because even any complex solutions can easily be explained through the use of such visuals and audio.

When people will understand what you are offering thoroughly, then they may feel more confident in making a decision. If they will feel identified with whatever problem is shown in your video, then you can create emotional bonding with your potential customers that will offer an ultimate value for all brands.

  • FAQ videos

While buying people have many questions to ask. Therefore, if all the frequently asked questions are properly answered and explained through a video, it will be more convincing and your customers will get clear answers to their questions.

Not only product videos but also corporate videos (In Spanish videos corporativos) made by FeriaPixel Production Company can help to know more about any company.