Best Ways To Maximize The Battery Life Of An Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards run on battery and no one wants a breakdown right in the middle of a ride especially when we are running late for the office. Knowing the time till the battery of an e-board lasts is crucial in planning a round trip unless you want to get stuck in between. The best electric skateboard in the market today provides an approximate battery life of 3-5 hours which is sufficient for daily commuting provided you start with a fully recharged battery.

Investing in cheap electric skateboards is not a good choice because the batteries used in them can get drained very frequently. This can cause frustration, affect the performance of the e-board, cause delays, and can even cause injuries if the skateboard suddenly runs out of battery and comes to a sudden halt.

There are 2 main aspects of battery life that you need to know before you buy an expensive-looking skateboard. Firstly, knowing the battery life after being fully charged is the number one priority question that you must ask the manufacturer of the e-skateboard. Secondly, you need to know the total charging cycles a battery can take before a replacement is required.

Instead of saving some money on the skateboard, investing in a good-quality off-road electric skateboard can assure that the batteries used can provide better functioning after being fully charged and will not need frequent replacements. Maxfind Micro Mobility is a leading company in the UK dealing with premium quality skateboards in a variety of styles and features. Buying an e-skateboard from this website can guarantee quality and increased battery life.

Maximize the battery life of an e-skateboard

  • Never use a charge from a different manufacturing brand to charge your e-skateboard. Always use a compatible charger.
  • Well-maintained lithium-ion batteries need to be checked for optimum performance every 3 years or before if you are facing issues with loss of battery output.
  • Do not unnecessarily load the e-skateboard with additional weight by carrying stuff while riding the skateboard. This can put stress on the battery life.
  • Keep the area around the battery socket dry especially right before charging even if your skateboard is water-resistant.
  • Remove dust and other foreign materials from the battery compartment using a clean cloth before putting it to charge.
  • Avoid charging the lithium-ion batteries in rooms that have extreme temperature variance. Maintaining an ambient temperature is good for battery health.
  • Do not use an e-skateboard after the battery level is 20% or less. Charging at 0% requires more lithium discharge and reduces the overall charging cycles.
  • Do not unnecessarily charge the lithium-ion batteries. Once 100% charging is achieved, remove them from sockets.
  • Overcharging the batteries can result in explosive injuries.
  • Do not let your e-skateboard sit idle for a long time. If the weather does not permit, try playing with it for a few minutes every week.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to improve the battery life and maintain the batteries of your electric skateboard. You can follow the Maxfind YouTube channel to learn more about ways by which you can keep the e-skateboard and its components in perfect working condition for a long time.