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Arjun Suravaram is one of the best telugu films that was released last year 2019. It was an action thriller film written and directed by T.N. Santhosh.  It is one of the best suspense movies on aha that you can add it to your telugu movie watch list.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Nikhil Siddharth

Actress: LavanyaTripathi

Director: T. Santhosh

Based: Kanithan by T. Santhosh

Producer: RajkumarAkella

Music: Sam C.S.

Cinematography: Surya

Other information:

Runtime: 149 minutes

Release date: 29 November 2019

Genre: Action, Thriller

Budget: 10 Crores

Box Office: est’ 16-21 Crores

Story line:

Arjun suravaram, a passionate investigative journalist who works for a famous tv channel with a goal to achieve higher and be a part of much reputed international Tv channel. He is in love with the channel owner’s daughter where she is also a part of the channel and a journalist too. Arjun’s father is a retired journalist who believes that the art of journalism has been destroyed and currently it is a false investigation processing through cases. So, he denies arjun working as a journalist, he never have ever been positive about arjun’s career. Just as his father feared, Arjun will get caught in a biggest fake educational loans and certificates scam ever and with all the energetic force, he believes that it’s his duty to catch all those criminals who have become a reason for the destruction of the future of academic careers of students. After following through his investigation with his girl friend and other few close friends, he finds a way to disclose the mystery they have been suppressed in this case. He finds out that there is not just an educational scam they have been pulled into and blamed into, but also a far more dangerous criminal activity. What he does to solve the case and save the society from such evil sources and himself is the most adventurous journey he had to experience.

Artist Performance:

  • Nikhil Siddharth has revealed his new skills comparative with all his past movies. He has extraordinary physic as well.
  • LavanyaTripathi and Nikhil’s appears to have made an extraordinary and delightful result.
  • All different entertainers in the film played quite well.
  • Actors acting and conduct towards their discoursed or activity is extremely realistic.
  • Nikhil’s acting is extraordinary.

Technical Aspects:

  • Dialog composing is acceptable.
  • Cinematography, altering and shading of the film is flawlessly made.
  • Music and BGM have gone with the riddle in the film.

Motivations to watch Arjun Suravaram:

Arjun suravaram has demonstrated probably the most and remarkable tricks that society just overlooks to try and consider, as it turns out to be even more a requirement for the regular folks in some cases to be important for it. This film will simply extend your observation on regular normal practices everybody needs to zero in on. It is the most recent undergrad activity film which has a few realities. This is one of the best activity motion pictures out there and you can watch arjunsuravaram movie online just on Aha.