Key points to keep in mind while studying for your class 9 exams


No matter which examinations are coming near, the students have to give their best in all of them. It is only then that you achieve your goal and climb the ladder of success towards your career. Similarly, even your 9th grade is quite an important stage of your life. The next year, you are going to give your board exams, and that is why it is crucial for you to score better in your class 9 too. Apart from this, gaining adequate knowledge during this year is essential so that you are completely prepared to take on the load of the next year. We understand that the ICSE class 9 syllabus is vast, and grasping all of it within a limited period of time is very difficult. So, just concentrate on these pointers while studying for your class 9 exams, and you will notice how quickly you study and learn the material.

  • Form a routine for your studies — Being consistent and regular in your studies is very important if you want to score good marks in your exams. The end moment studying does no good to anyone. So, it is preferable that you form a routine for your studies from the starting of the year. This helps you concentrate on all the subjects equally and stay relaxed during the examinations. And the plus points of doing this is that you are well prepared for your exams a month or 2 before the actual dates.
  • Divide the ICSE class 9 syllabus accordingly — You might not be well prepared or an expert in all the subjects. There would be some weak topics or areas where you have to concentrate more. So, in order to not waste any of your time during this year, divide your ICSE class 9 syllabus according to the areas which require more attention, giving them more time and the areas where you are an expert so that you can study them comprehensively. This also helps you cover all the topics perfectly well.
  • Never skip the practise exercises — Have you noticed that each of the chapters in your books has a practice set in the end? Well, the more books you refer to, the more practice set exercises you can try. We recommend you to never skip these exercises as they help you revise the subject better and prepare for the examination perfectly.
  • Revision is important too — After you appear for the mid term or partial term examinations in your school, ensure that giving sometime to your revision as well. This helps you be aware of the previous matter better before you start studying for the next examination portion.
  • Keep a track of your progress timely — Sometimes you are so engrossed in covering all the chapters and subjects consistently that you forget to understand how much exactly have you covered till now. It is important that you keep track of your progress and write it somewhere so that you are not worried that these portions are left. For example, if you are starting with the physics problems, ensure that you are already ready with your theory part of this subject.