Best Custom Packaging Solutions to Grow and Expand Your Business

There’s every need to explore the newer dimensions of businesses’ models in order to make sure that you can attract your target customers. Hence, the requirement of custom packaging solutions and services. Without a properly packaged product – whether it’s health and beauty products, food and beverages, home and electronic products, pharmaceutical products, and even tobacco and cannabis – you won’t be able survive the competition since buyers won’t be able to locate your products. 

So, we have made this guide about some spectacular custom packaging services like the Netpak custom packaging services that you must try in order to build your brand value. Let’s get started. 

  1. Pre-Press Services

Pre-press services are needed in order to ensure that the final packaged carton has all the details that you wanted in your product. In other words, these are the blueprint designs created by designers before the carton is actually customized. The different steps that are carried out in order to prepare the final blueprint include the following. 

  • Structural and graphic design. 
  • Artwork and blank prototype. 
  • Offset lithography. 
  • Color management and color mock-up. 
  • Die lines. 
  • HR Proofs.

It’s only after you approve the final blueprint that they practically design the cartons.

  1. Enhanced Printing Services

What attracts customers the most are varnishing effects that make the cartons look classy and high-quality. Companies like Netpak Solutions use the following methods in order to make sure that your cartons look exceptional. 

  • Special inks like the metallic ink.
  • Varnishes like the texture effect varnish.
  • Hot stamping method. 
  • High gloss UV coating. 
  • Embossing and lamination. 
  • Interactive Printing. 
  1. Finishing Services 

Even a well customized and glossy carton made with papers of the highest quality look rudimentary without the proper finishing touch. Hence, the pertinent finishing services listed below. 

  • Stripping, cutting, and die cutting. 
  • Gluing and folding.
  • Cellophane Window Patch.

What you get at the end of all these services is an exceptional customized package that’s highly attractive and engaging at the same time. 

Also, it’s only very few premium companies like Netpak that extend warehousing services beyond the usual manufacture and package designing services. Some such additional services by Netpak are listed below. 

  • Logistics management services.
  • Warehousing and Distribution services. 
  • Co-packaging services. 
  • Customer services. 

These 3 are the few services that are our top picks for the day. You can also have a look at many such solutions and services offered by Netpak Solutions here,