Affordable Hotels with Swimming Pool Facilities in Semarang

After a day exploring the natural charm and unique culture of Semarang, or just a culinary tour, one of the best options is to return to the hotel and relax, enjoying the view by the pool.

Several hotels in Semarang provide swimming pool facilities. Relax in the infinity pool while watching the bustle of the city, the beauty of the natural panorama or just taking selfies to make it more existent, the swimming pool facilities offered by these hotels will not disappoint you. And most importantly, this offer is not just wishful thinking, because you don’t have to spend too much!

  1. Grand Edge Hotel

This hotel is located in the Candi area, a ” kawasan elit tempo doeloe” of Semarang. Here you will indeed find a beautiful European-style house. Coupled with the hilly contours of the land, it can make you think that you are in Lembang. In this area, you will find the Grand Edge Hotel. Its modern appearance contrasts with the old school atmosphere around it. But that does not mean there is no civilization here.

The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool. The swimming pool also uses the concept of an infinity pool with views of European-style houses around the hotel. When the weather is clear, you can also clearly see Mount Ungaran standing firmly in the distance. The hotel is also equipped with a spa. For those who want to taste food outside, there is a food arcade right downstairs. with a variety of food choices, so you don’t have to worry about starving after tired of exploring the swimming pool.

  1. Star Hotel

Want to know how it feels to enjoy the coolness of the pool water while enjoying the view from the 30th floor? This hotel swimming pool holds the record as the highest outdoor swimming pool in Indonesia, at the height of no less than 200 meters! Imagine the fun of enjoying city activities from a height, while soaking in the cool water on a beautiful afternoon. Especially when accompanied by a glass of cocktail from the bar right by the pool.

Star Hotel also provides a spa, gym, and a classy restaurant ready to pamper you during your stay at this hotel. The available hotel rooms also promise views of the city of Semarang that become colorful at night. The hotel is located right next to Java Supermall. So, in addition to promising various complete facilities in the hotel, you can easily go shopping, look for souvenirs, or just go to one of the biggest malls in Semarang.

  1. Louis Kienne Hotel, Semarang

This hotel is less than 100m from Simpang Lima, the perfect place for those who want to experience living in the middle of Semarang City. The hotel’s swimming pool, restaurant, gym, and sauna all occupy the 23rd floor, the hotel’s top floor.


Because of its location, you can explore the Simpang Lima area, the famous Semarang City square, while enjoying a refreshing soak in the swimming pool. Matahari Plaza and Ciputra mall are also directly opposite the hotel.

  1. Wimarion Hotel

This hotel only has five floors, but the infinity pool here is no less beautiful than other hotels. Why? Because of its location in the hills, the scenery presented is still amazing. In addition to the swimming pool, the rooftop of this hotel is also inhabited by a sky lounge and restaurant to pamper guests. Of course, with the same view. The hotel also provides a fitness center, spa, and restaurant.

You can find typical Javanese hotel interiors in the lobby, hallway, and hotel rooms dominated by wood colors. But that doesn’t detract from its modern feel. And for sure, the facilities available at this hotel are all modern.

  1. Oak Tree Emerald Resort

In the midst of a beautiful settlement typical of the hills of Semarang, Palm Hill Estate, we can find a luxurious and modern hotel. That’s the Oak Tree Emerald Resort which offers an eco-green or environmentally friendly concept. And one of the excellent facilities of this hotel is the swimming pool which will make you forget that you are in the center of a busy city.

It’s true, the view presented while relaxing in this swimming pool is more like an oasis in the middle of the forest, only, here you can enjoy it without leaving the comforts of the modern world. The hotel provides separate adult and children’s pools. In addition, you can also enjoy other facilities such as a spa and fitness center. Oaktree offers a special venue for weddings called the Ashoka Chapel for those who are planning a wedding. The atmosphere it offers is worthy of your consideration as a witness to the most sacred moments of your life.

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