Simple Ways to Decorate Your Office

It doesn’t matter if you work from home, have a home office or go to a regular one. We all spend a lot of our time at work surrounded by the same sights at our worktable. Day in and day out. As we take time to decorate our living space, it makes sense to apply the same attention to our workplace. After all, the time spent there is about the same and any improvements made can benefit you along the way and make the daily grind easier. If nothing else, a little bit of change is welcome and refreshing.

1. Plants VS Stagnation

We are part of nature and, in the busy corporate world, it’s easy to forget that. If we are surrounded by only sterile, grey and lifeless items, they tend to reflect that on us. By simply adding a potted plant or two, you can spice the view. Just a bit of greenery here and there breaks the monotone look and brings something fresh. Bonus points are added if it’s some fragrant flower that will bloom and reinvigorate the area. Also, it gives you a hobby as you can water and take care of it while you work. To add this as well, some offices like to name and take pictures of their plants.

2.  Ergonomic

To put it simply ergonomics is the science and methods where we tailor our surroundings towards us. An even simpler example would be when you buy that ideal chair just for you. Sitting on an uncomfortable and rigid chair only makes you dread and hate your job place even more. Your desk, monitor, chair, drawers etc., all can be made, relocated and adjusted so towards your needs. When you tailor-made your workspace towards your needs and preferences, it becomes that much more enjoyable and, you will start to look at it in a positive light.

3. Quality office furniture

While this may seem like a steep investment at first, quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Cheap pieces of furniture break more often and cause more harm than good as they usually can’t last. With mid or higher mid-grade furniture in your office, you can breathe that fresh breath of professionalism in it. Quality furniture looks better and feels better to work with which, in turn, can stimulate worker productivity. In a way and over time, quality furniture is an investment that will more than pay for itself.

4. Company brand awareness

Motivating yourself with a vague concept as “I have to work” can be straining in the long run. Without a clear purpose or sense of belonging anyone can feel lost and disconnected. When you are working at a bland desk for something that you perceive as a “nameless company” it becomes that much harder to identify your goals with your companies. Clear and stylish branding before your office in a form of quality branded door mats, which lead into a hallway decorated with your company logo and pictures of historical accidents, create a sense of belonging and purpose.

You can include such motives around your work desk, logos can be put in corners of papers and post-it notes, pens can be branded etc. Pretty soon you will find that with a given purpose and a sense of global direction it becomes much easier to do your job. and help your company grow.

5. Lightning it up

You would be surprised by how much low, dimmed and, lack of light affects your perception. Here we are talking about both natural and artificial light at the same time. Opening up your workspace to more natural sunshine leads to many positive psychological effects as it signifies that you are opening for change. Also, sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D and battle depression.

6. Make room for hobbies

Who said that workspace is only for work? Ok, granted, it’s in the name but, we are innovating here. To break the routine and mold of a rigid workplace, just about any hobby space can be placed anywhere. If you are in an office with many coworkers, this can be a perfect idea and place for socialization, idea exchange and de-stressing. Taking your mind off of things and enjoying doing the things you love can do wonders for productivity. By taking a different approach and doing different things every day, your brain gets stimulated and, we can all agree that it feels good when you break an ongoing boring routine.

7. Brainstorming areas

We touched on this subject a bit but, it’s worth pointing out how simple writing boards can make a difference. By filling up the blank or unused wall space with writing boards where anyone can write whatever idea pops up, you are creating a more stimulating environment. As more and more people are giving their contribution, and the walls fill up, it becomes a pleasant sight. Engagement at work, and the exchange of ideas, is stimulating for the brain, which will have a hard time being bored. Changing the image of the work area to a more active, intellectual and creative one brings a fresh wind and outlook into the offices, which is what matters the most.

8. Wall decorations

Painting, bookshelves, mirrors, TVs, anything. If your hobby is painting then this is a perfect opportunity to decorate the walls. Or you can use wall paint and redecorate. Bookshelves with professional material, mirror so you can always look sharp, TVs for relaxing etc. it’s just a matter of taste when it comes to filling in the void with useful things. And anything is more useful than space.

The quest for a new and improved office or workplace starts with that simple, first step. By clearing out any clutter from your desk and around it, you can start focusing on what you need to liven up the space. Productive surrounding leads to more productive work being done and an overall better work experience. Long gone are the days of rigid offices and lifeless desks. In our modern time, it’s important to innovate and think outside of the box because you never know what you might discover.