A Platform For Artists To Connect Through Artistic Languages

An online exhibition is to be held by CADA as a group show over at their homepage. This exhibition is an open call to all the interested members who wish to take part in this worldwide exhibition. The exhibition has been named Quantum Leap and it is open throughout the world. This exhibition aims to bring Asian and American scholars, artists, investors, designers, and decision-makers to a common ground. By doing so, a strong exchange of thoughts and viewpoints can be done conveniently.

What Inspired The Idea Of The Exhibition?

The exhibition was named the Quantum Leap based on the original concept of Atomic Electron Transition or the Quantum Jump from quantum mechanics. In this mechanical concept, the electrons tend to travel from one energy level to the other in the form of step to step transition. But, the changes that take place during this transition appear to be irregular. But, mechanics state that to travel from the ground state to a state of higher-energy level, the atoms need to adopt some sort of energy for the transition to take place.

How Will The Exhibition Help In Bringing Forward The Art?

The exhibition on the other hand is expected to bring forward and display the diverse artistic and cultural activities practiced by the participants from all over the world. This exhibition aims to provide a platform for all the artists around the world to come together and exhibit their pieces of art. The visualization and use of artistic language will pave the way to displaying and exhibiting the diverse changes that have affected our daily lives. Thus, the exhibitionist will also be able to portray the changes that they have faced in their lives.

What Will The do Exhibition Portray?

The exhibition will portray how the artists have gone through a phase of mutation and how that has affected their lives. It is believed that changes are the best source of creativity and thus, changes hold a very important place in our lives. It is an excellent way for them to put forward how the changes have affected their art and how it has brought innovations to it. Artists can put forward their thinking and how the changes have affected them emotionally.

Thus, with the help of this online exhibition of Quantum Leap at, artists from all around the world will be able to share their art. They will also be able to portray how a mutation in their lives has played a major role in affecting the way they express themselves through art. Life changes can help bring about a lot of new experiences which in turn can bring about a lot of innovation to their respective arts.