All You Need To Know About Dell Poweredge

Dell has been launching incredible PowerEdge for quite a long time. PowerEdge works as the server in the Dell computers. Initially, it works with Intel Itanium but later the partnership between Dell and Intel is withdrawn as Dell found to set up its way after it has administered fail in the marketplace. Since 2002, Dell has started its operationality of PowerEdge in Dell computers. The Dell PowerEdge R540 is another series launched by the company lately a few years ago. It has more additions of newer features that can make the device more efficient and useful for the respective purpose. Here we will discuss how spending on this device for Dell server computer is perfectly worthwhile.

Specifications That Make R540 A Great Poweredge By Dell

Although Dell always comes up with devices that are well-featured and perfectly designed and every series of devices has its own latest specifications, this PowerEdge also maintains the same very nicely. Some of the important specifications that make it superior to other PowerEdge by Dell are as under,

·       Storage:

This device comes with 32GB of RDIMM along with a dual-rank of 3200MT/s. That means you can enjoy using it as much as you like without bothering with the storage. This is made keeping in mind the requirements of the people.

·       Design:

This Dell PowerEdge R540 comes with a 13.75M cache, 100W HT, Turbo, 2400 DDR4, and much more. All these features make the device an incredible one for office or personal use. It also has Intel®  and Xeon® design that supports all the latest Intel processors.

·       Power:

The device gives a redundant power supply which is quite safer either for electricity consumption or for the device to avoid any electrical failure. This is certainly a great relief for all the users around.

·       Connectivity:

The device can be used in any Intel processor that comes in the latest versions. It has a Dual Port of 1GbE. It also has 8 Hot Plug Hard Drives along with LCD Bezel. Moreover, its 3xLP PCI slot allows us to connect to any of our favorite Dell devices.

·       Warranty:

It comes with 3Yr ProSupport & Mission Critical (7×24) 4-hour Onsite Service + 3Yr Keep Your Hard Drive services in its warranty. You can enjoy all these services from any nearby service centers.

What are you waiting for? Get this amazing Dell PowerEdge R540 and enjoy using servers with ease.