How To Organize Gastronomic Trips

To organize gastronomic trips with The International Kitchen® for example, it is necessary to research. First, you need to research your destination, choosing places that may focus on gastronomy. For example, as a rule, nature destinations do not yield gastronomic trips, unlike city or countryside destinations, which almost always have good gastronomic options. Then, research as much as possible about the cuisine of the place you intend to visit. Start by researching the typical foods of the destination country and the regions to which each one belongs. See which dishes you need to try to understand the local cuisine – the Taste Atlas website is great.

That done, research where to find such dishes, giving preference to places frequented by the local population. Skip the “tourist favorite” restaurants and those next to tourist attractions. I’m not saying there can’t be good options among these places, but skipping them is generally better. Plus, understand the customs and culinary history of each place you visit. Rest assured that this will greatly enrich your gastronomic tourism.

Other Ways To Choose Where To Eat

Still, on choosing places to eat on your gastronomic trips or Italy Cooking Vacations for example, another good option is to leave that choice for the duration of the trip as you get to know the city you are in. You can find good places to eat walking through the cities we visited. Generally, the more unknown, the more hidden, the smaller the entryway to the place, and the more incredible the food can be. Also, you can ask the natives for tips. I think this is one of the best ways not to get stuck. Your accommodation in the city is almost always a great source of precious tips. Try asking the attendants at your accommodation where they usually eat or where they would take someone visiting the city for the first time. Trust me.

Where To Research On Gastronomic Trips?

Travel blogs are certainly the best option for researching food travel. They are the ones who have the best tips, as blog authors usually make suggestions for places and itineraries based on their own experiences. 

Another good option to search for places to eat is to use TripAdvisor. And, if you access the platform by extension relative to the country you are in (for example, if you are in Italy, access tripadvisor. it and not, the reviews of natives will appear first, which may help you choose a more genuine place, not one of those taken by tourists. But always remember that choosing places to eat depends a lot on one’s taste and preferences – so take the reviews into account, but don’t take everything literally.