Wondering How to Pick a Customs Broker? Then, Here’s the Guide to It

Whether you’re a first time importer or not, you’ll always have the need of a good customs broker who can handle all the customs formalities on your behalf so that your goods can be cleared in time. That said, since import is such a huge market in Canada, the number of firms offering such services is huge as well. And, it’s only but obvious to get confused which one is the right one to work with. So, if you too have been trying to figure out how to find a good customs broker firm to look after your import business, then you’ve landed on the right page. We have dedicated this guide to the 4 factors that will help you in finding the right customs brokers to work with. Let’s get started. 

  1. Look at The Clearance Services 

An average customs broker firm will not be able to provide the plethora of services offered by elite firms like Clearit Canada. Some such services include the following. 

  • Clearance of shipments at all major and minor ports across Canada – seaports as well as airports. 
  • Clearance of shipments arriving on truck.

In other words, an elite firm can handle shipments arriving from all modes of transportations – ocean, air, and road. 

  1. Look at the Customer Support Services

It should be very easy to start business with a custom broker company. All that’s needed is you to register on their website. Clearit is one such example of firms that offer all kinds of customer support services. 

  • You are assigned with a personal online agent as soon as you are registered with them.
  • The agent will help you with the entire procedure of uploading all required documents. 
  • Once the agent makes sure that all required documents are uploaded, they submit the file at customs for clearance. 
  1. Look at the Pricing Policy

Elite firms ensure that their services are affordable. In fact, giant firms like Clearit mention their pricing policy directly on their website.

  • They charge just 389.99 CAD for importing a car in Canada. 
  • They charge just 125 CAD for the ITN/AES number. 

You can find out more about their pricing policy on their website,

  1. Look at the Experience

Experience is the legacy of firms like Clearit having been in the industry for over 3 decades. They are some of the best people who also offer additional services and assistances like:

  • Logistics management 
  • NRI services
  • Customs consulting services
  • E-commerce customs solutions
  • Shipment and warehousing services

All in all, an elite company in itself is an all round hub where you will be able to find every kind of customs related services. So, pick wisely.