Why Online Speed Dating Is Safe

Online speed dating is a mode where people link up with potential spouses in bars or cafes, get to know them, and choose whether to make things formal or not. Unlike traditional dating, online speed dating has risks. This is because you are meeting a stranger, and one of ten users on these sites are sex offenders. However, this should not stop you from trying your luck. It will be great to keep your eyes open to detect any signs of a red flag.

Online speed dating has many advantages, but your safety comes first. Please exclude your name and address in the sheet to prevent anything from happening. Women are more vulnerable to the effects of online dating; this is because of many predators masquerading as users. Men are also not left out as they are also used for their money. Below we discuss tips that will ensure you are safe while looking for a partner online.

  1. Conduct a background check

It would be great to conduct a background check on your potential date before you link up with them. Check the name, address, and other details to determine whether they are genuine people or not.

  1. Meet in a public place

It would be great to have your date in a public place, preferably near where you live to ensure you are safe. This helps you determine the other person’s intentions, and you can kick it at your place later on after becoming more familiar with each other.

  1. Take yourself to the date venue.

Sharing a car ride with your date is an excellent step, but it would help if you avoid this during the first date. Instead, you would rather take yourself to the venue or use public transport. However, you can have those romantic date drives later after knowing each other more.

  1. Don’t abuse too much alcohol.

You will not make sound decisions when you are intoxicated with excess alcohol. Please note that your date might take advantage of you because of your drunkenness. To avoid this, you should take at least a glass of wine to keep you safe from any danger.

  1. Make sure your friend knows about the date.

It would help if you told your friend about the upcoming date, and more details about the person and your plans. Please share your date locations with a loved one before linking up; you might send the location’s name and address to ensure you are safe. You should also share your date’s account profile and set up a certain time frame that they should look for you if you do not make any contact with them.

  1. Do not let them take you home.

If you decide to meet the date in your neighborhood, ensure they do not take you home after the first date. Date walks are romantic, but don’t let people you just met know your home.


Dating has become easier thanks to the development of technology. The above tips will ensure you are safe during the first date.