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Understanding Ceramic Tiles – Are the Benefits Real? 

Ceramic tiles are quite trendy options for flooring. Whether your house is big or small and no matter its decors, the unique patterns of beautiful brands like Soligo at Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles have many options that will not just fit your taste but also your budget. 

Not every tile can be a floor tile but ceramic tiles can because of the many stunning useful features that they have. Let’s explore some of those features to understand the hype behind ceramic in a better way. 

  1. They are Impact Resistant

Since the floor takes the weight of every single item in a house, it’s important that floor tiles can withstand impact. That’s the only way that a floor tile can last. And ceramic tiles are built to endure weight without getting cracked. Hence, these tiles are durable. 

  1. They’re Available in Many Colors 

Now this might sound like an added benefit that’s mostly associated with beauty, and it actually is, but the choice of colors matter from room to room. For example, using white tiles on the floor that see high traffic like the lobby might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Which is why ceramic tiles are so invaluable. They can be made in every color – every single shade of individual colors – as per your choice. Thus, you have many options to pick from. 

  1. They’re Lifelong Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable. But that’s not the only reason that they’re emerging with a new tag of lifelong tiles. 

Ceramic tiles are scratch resistant and stain resistant and abrasion resistant. And that’s why they’re lifelong tiles. Otherwise, what’s the use of durable tiles if they catch stains and lose color and texture that spoils with time? Hence, ceramic tiles are lifelong tiles because they stay as pretty and strong as new even after more than a decade. 

  1. They’re Low Maintenance Tiles

This is yet another feature to the cap of ceramic tiles. 

Usually, installing expensive options turn out to be a nightmare since many materials require expensive touch-ups. But the only things that you need to maintain the shine and newness of ceramic tiles are water, normal floor cleaner, and a mop. And no, we’re not joking. These tiles are very easy to clean. It makes them very low maintenance. 

  1. They’re Waterproof 

The water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is very little. Hence, they’re waterproof. The benefits of waterproof flooring are as follows. 

  1. There’s no smell of moisture.
  2. No fungus or bacteria can fester.
  3. They are super hygienic and do not catch water marks. 

So, according to us, there’s no better cost effective option in the market that’s as good as ceramic tiles. You must have a look at the stunning collection and then make your decision.