Why businesses like payment online

There are many card swiping machines, which people can use in order to make payments. Businesses are using these machines so that there is no need to keep cash in the shop. This will reduce the crime of robbery and theft. The transaction through these machines is done by using credit or debit cards. Let us see different types of card payment machine for small business and reasons for choosing them. Some of the swiping machines also provide the facility of refund. Here are some of the swiping machines and the features due to which businesses like to have them.


Mswipe card is very popular in the case of making purchases through credit cards. People can also use debit card on this machine to make payments. The transactions done by this machine are secure and people can find it in retail stores and in the hands of delivery executives when a customer purchases goods through online stores and opts for cash on delivery. Businesses choose this machine, as there are different modes of payments like credit card, debit card, QR code, wallets, etc. There are no hidden charges when people make payments through this machine. It is compatible with different POS machines, scanners, and printers.


PayUMoney is a mPOS machine, which is the newest one in the market. Payment can be done through debit card, credit card, Visa, RuPay, and many more. The machine is affordable and it can be found in small shops also. People choose this machine as it becomes live within 48 hours and there is no installation cost. Businesses need not have to keep any minimum balance and also there is no need of any monthly rental. No documents are required for integration.


It is an ATM machine, which can be found with small and medium businesses. This ATM is used in malls, restaurants, hospitals, and many other places. It is easy to use so kirana shops also use them. The machine is chosen because debit and credit cards can be used simultaneously. The payment can be collected according to the convenience of the customers. Besides cards, wallets can also be used to make payments.


It is a swipe machine, which also has the facility of generating receipt and users can also capture digital signature. This will help the businesses to know everything about the transactions. Usage of paper is prevented and end to end payment can be done easily. The transactions are done under secure environment.

SBI Swipe Machine

SBI has also started its swiping machine in order to promote cashless transactions. The bank also support 24 x 7  support so customers can call them any time if they face any problem with the machine. Card duplication is not possible with this machine and it is available at various sales points.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the machines, which are used by businesses of all types and sizes and they have to purchase them as [per their requirement. All these machines are available at affordable cost and are easy to use.