Top Advanced SEO Techniques You Should Know

Optimizing a website for search engines is crucial. It’s impossible to rank on search engines and get traffic without doing SEO. Many companies provide SEO services in India. However, if you want your business to flourish, you should implement advanced SEO techniques.

In this blog, we are sharing the best advanced SEO techniques that can help you out. You can either implement these methods by yourself or hire the best digital marketing agency in Delhi.  Let’s find out about these techniques. 

Best Advanced SEO Techniques

As we noted above, SEO is very essential to rank a website. However, advanced SEO can be a game changer. Even the best website designing company in India suggests implementing advanced SEO techniques. Let’s find out the details in the following list:

  1. Upgrade Existing Posts

It’s easy to write new content by applying advanced SEO techniques. However, you have to update existing content as well. So, take time to analyze everything before implementing new techniques. Make sure you are including current trends and facts as well. 

  1. Run a Content Audit

There is a purpose for every page of your website. The best way to take care of them is by running a content audit. So, you can identify those pages that are holding back your website to grow. You can also get help from an expert.

  1. Focus on Link Building

Link building is another essential factor of advanced SEO. In this case, you have to work on both internal and external link building. You have to focus on external link building. On the other hand, make sure you are getting quality link building. 

  1. Fix 404s

If your website has links that point to 404 pages, then it can affect ranking. In this case, you have to remove them. To remove 404 page linking, you have to hire an experienced SEO expert. 

  1. Use FAQs Schema

Putting FAQs can be a game changer. That’s why FAQs schema can be a great way to optimize your website for search engines. Moreover, you have to write Q&A-styled posts as well. It can be helpful even if your site is ranking high.

  1. Analyze Log Files

Ignoring log files is a common mistake by marketers. However, you have to analyze log files for advanced SEO. It can help you with several things such as identifying crawl errors, finding crawled pages, and more. 

  1. Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages

No matter if you want to sell your new product or want to get more subscribers, creating a landing page is an effective way to boost your business. However, you have to optimize landing pages for SEO.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords

Even though it’s a basic SEO technique, it can be very helpful for long-term success. Be sure to use long-tail keywords for your website. Hence, you can also include long tail keywords in your old posts.

  1. Optimize For Mobile Devices

As the use of mobile devices is growing, you have to make your website mobile-friendly. Besides choosing a responsive theme, you have to do some technical changes as well. It can increase organic traffic.

  1. Use Infographics

Using infographics is another advanced SEO technique. So, you can put relevant infographics on your posts. Moreover, you can also hire a designer to create infographics. 


Finally, you know about the top advanced SEO techniques. If you want to implement them, make sure you are being careful. In this case, you can also hire a reputed digital marketing agency. So, get going.