When Is the Best Time to Go to a Tanning Salon?

Tanning is increasingly becoming a go-to beauty regime for those who like bronzed bodies. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, over 7.8 million American adult women and 1.9 million adult men have tanned at least once in their lifetime. Yet, despite being a popular skin darkening tip, most people don’t know the best time to go to a tanning salon in Jersey. Here, we look at the best time to undergo the procedure depending on the process you wish to get it done.

When Is the Best Time to Use a Tanning Bed?

Sitting under the sun between 11 am and 3 pm when it’s the hottest is the best way to get a natural tan. However, you might not have that time. Instead, you can spend lesser time on a tanning bed and achieve similarly good results as you would while sitting under the sun. With 10 to 20 minutes on a tanning bed, you can get a good tan. Does it matter what time of the day you enter the tanning lobby? Yes. Tanning on a tanning bed occurs when ultraviolet A rays (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UVB) rays fall on your skin.

As these rays are concentrated, you can’t stay longer than 20 minutes on the bed, otherwise, you risk health issues such as skin cancer and melanoma. The short time on the bed may not give you the tanning you desire. So when you go on the bed in the morning, you still have time to expose your skin to the sun during the rest of the day, increasing the effectiveness of the tanning machine. You don’t necessarily have to sit in the sun as the few minutes you spend in the sun running errands is enough to increase the effectiveness of a tan.

When Is the Best Time to Apply Spray Tan in a Tanning Salon in Jersey?

Spray tans refer to spraying tanning lotion on your skin until you achieve desirable results. Achieving the right amount of tan through this method takes longer and preparation prior to the procedure. To tan all the skin including the bikini area and armpits, you need to do so 24 hours after shaving or waxing.

Ideally, the skin pores will have opened well, allowing infiltration of tan on armpits and bikini area. It helps to take a shower before spraying tan as it makes your skin exfoliated and smooth to absorb tan. While you can get a spray tan any time of the day, it is best to do it a few hours before going to bed, giving the tan ample time to penetrate your skin before morning.

Tanning After a Workout

Another great time to go to a tanning salon is after a workout. Working out helps open up your skin pores. So, heading to a tanning bed after exercising helps your skin tan quicker than before doing a vigorous task. The efficiency of choosing to tan after work is so ideal that you don’t have to be in the sun later, to maximize the results.

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