What’s Next? How to Peacefully Deal With Divorce Process

As you go through the Singapore divorce process, managing finances, co-parenting, and other emotional ups and downs can leave many people worn out and wondering when they will be able to find happiness again.

Even if a relationship isn’t working, ending it by getting a divorce or breaking up can be tremendously upsetting because it signals the end of your partnership and the hopes and plans you had together. It says goodbye to the anticipation and optimism about your family’s future.

Divorce in Singapore can make it tough for many couples to recover and take some time. Some parents worry about their children’s reactions and how they’ll be able to handle or forgive them.

You and your partner may even end up making difficult decisions. There are several possible consequences, such as having less time with your children or the need to pay spousal maintenance.

The question is, how can you overcome this?

How to Handle the Divorce Process


1. Learn to accept the situation

People don’t become husband and wife thinking that they’ll divorce in the future. Even though divorce is typical, you may think it won’t be possible in your case.

However, here you are, understanding how the divorce process in Singapore works. Having regrets, wishing things had gone differently, and wondering if you could have taken anything at all to prevent it is quite normal.

2. Allow yourself to feel everything

It can be draining to think about how much will divorce in Singapore may cost and how you can explain things to your child. During these times, you may feel lonely, suffer from a sense of loss and remorse, and have fear, anxiety, and doubt.

Going through divorce in Singapore means allowing yourself to feel everything all at once. Permit yourself to have an emotional outburst every once in a while.

3. Be respectful

Even if you and your spouse are on different sides of the issue, you may still be able to find some common ground. There are times when respect is overlooked in the family law process, but it can go a long way toward settling an issue quickly.

Divorce in Singapore may cost you hundreds of dollars, and a dispute resolution procedure like mediation is ideal. Keep in mind that there is a wide range of options open to you when it comes to resolving disputes.

4. Discuss co-parenting

When parents separate, it’s normal for a youngster to experience mixed emotions, including sadness and anger. If you’re a parent, you can assist your children in coping with the loss of a relationship by being a source of stability and being responsive to their needs in a supportive manner.

Talk to your family lawyer in Singapore about how you can arrange this. For a contested divorce, some couples typically take months before they can agree on child support and custody. On the other hand, it’s better to go through an uncontested divorce as you can easily settle everything in a matter of time.

Make sure to talk about timetables for visiting each parent individually, home duties and errands to perform, how you will keep in touch with them and what you will say about the situation.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Listen to what they say: Make it clear to your children that they are not to blame for your divorce. Assist them by listening to their worries, but be honest.
  • Reassure them: Let your children know you are there for them. Keep your word, and don’t overextend yourself. Make sure you don’t go overboard in telling them your emotions.
  • Avoid putting your partner in a bad light: Couples choosing a contested divorce process in Singapore often have bad blood for one another. However, it is best not to discuss the other parent’s bad traits in front of your children.

5. Understand the process

A separation or divorce can be difficult to overcome without the help of others. If you want to be alone, isolating yourself can only worsen things. If you don’t know what to do next legally, talk to your lawyer about the divorce procedure in Singapore.

If you work with the right professional, they can explain everything in detail and help you draft all the required documents. In any case, you don’t want to attend any court proceedings; they can represent you.

6. Practice self-care

As mentioned, the Singapore divorce process might take longer than four months or a year. It’s more vital than ever to take care of yourself while going through a tough emotional time or dealing with significant life changes.

Feeling your loss and learning from it is a good time for you to commit to improving your health and making better decisions in the future.

7. Use it to your advantage

A traumatic breakup may make it difficult to notice the potential for growth and development during this period. If you suffered from violence or separation, try to think of this moment as a pause or a fresh beginning.

Think of why you had to hire a family lawyer in Singapore. It’s because you want to free yourself from a relationship that doesn’t work anymore. Acknowledging your role at the end of a relationship is necessary for moving on.

How Can a Family Lawyer Help You Overcome Divorce


Despite the name, divorce Law, it is not a single discipline. It is a broad professional area that includes many legal issues. It is why lawyer fees for divorce vary.

It will help if you talk to a family lawyer in Singapore in the early stages of contemplating divorce. They can assist you in knowing your legal options, rights, and responsibilities so that you may make better decisions and avoid typical pitfalls in the process.

While each lawyer has a unique scope and depth of knowledge, they also have unique approaches to their work. Hiring a lawyer with experience handling the divorce procedure in Singapore is a good idea.

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