What Are Video Brochures?

Companies and branders today can win big when they decide to lean into video content. In this day in age, one of the best ways to do this is with the creation of a video brochure. These brochures match old school marketing with Web 2.0 sensibilities.

So what exactly is a video brochure? What benefits will you get by using them? Read on to learn more about video brochures and how they can be a big help.

What Are Video Brochures?

So what are video brochures and why do people use them?

A video brochure is a piece of content that accompanies a hard copy brochure. These brochures come with a small, thin, LCD screen that plays the video when someone opens up the brochure.

When you create a video brochure, you are making use of technology to further get your point across. This form of marketing is creative and will enhance every piece of information you mention in the hard copy brochure.

What Are the Benefits of Video Brochures?

Now that you understand a little bit more about video brochures, you should also get to know the benefits.

First off, a video screen will enhance the results that you get from your brochure.

Telling is one thing, but video content shows why customers need to take advantage of your products and services. Think of a video brochure the same way you do a trailer or commercial. Quick-hit video content helps you masterfully explain what you offer, creates emotional responses, and nails your selling points. Marketers get an incredible return on their investment (ROI) by embedding short videos into their brochures.

Video content is also the most effective form of marketing today. You can win big in this day and age when you put video content to use. It is proven at this point that people today prefer video content to any other form of multimedia.

It allows people to quickly digest the media without having to read long-form content. In fact, the video can serve as the appetizer so that customers can read the rest of the brochure at their leisure. You can strike the right chord with your customers and create an impeccable first impression because most will not be expecting a video screen when they open up their brochure.

Using videos in your brochures will also set you apart from your competition. They are not currently a popular form of marketing. You will remain on the cutting edge while your competitors are still stuck on passe forms of marketing. This builds brand equity and value with your customers that can’t be quantified.

Customers will come to expect more from you, and it shows that you take your company and branding seriously.

Bring Your Brochures to Life With the Magic of Video

When you learn to use video brochures, you will start to get the most out of your marketing. This form of marketing will help you build your brand when you create the most effective brochures. Make sure to partner with a company that can outfit you with the screens and put together an all-around amazing product.

Let this be the starting point in turning around your brand and marketing. Check out more of our content for your advertising and marketing needs.