4 Important Reasons Why Your Eyes Deserve Contact Lenses

People with blurry vision are typically prescribed special glasses for them to be able to see clearly. However, often, wearing eyeglasses is such a hassle, especially when you are physically active. While wearing prescription glasses does the job, wearing contact lenses does it better.

There are many reasons why contact lenses are a better choice, but keep in mind that not all contact lenses are made equal. To fully appreciate your glasses-free journey, one must pick the right brand of contact lenses. So, here are some of the important reasons why your eyes deserve care from brands like Acuvue contacts:

  1. Extremely Comfortable to Wear

Sometimes, wearing glasses is very uncomfortable, especially with prolonged use. For first-timers, putting something directly on your eye might sound uncomfortable or maybe even scary, but with the right usage of the right contact lenses, you would not even feel it is there!

Contact lenses such as Acuvue contacts are specially designed to be as comfortable as possible. They are composed of breathable substances that would maintain moisture in your eyes for you to have a pleasant glasses-free experience all day long.

  1. Provide You With a Complete Field of Vision

Unlike prescription glasses, contact lenses allow you to see the world with a complete visual acuity. Eyeglasses limit your peripheral vision. With a comfortable pair of contact lenses, you would not need to turn your head to see what is around. Instead, you could move your eyes to any side and be able to see your surroundings like any person with a perfect 20/20 vision could!

  1. Won’t Break That Easily

If you wear eyeglasses, you might have dropped them a couple of times already. In some cases, you might have had to replace your eyeglasses because the drop broke them.

While it is possible to tear your contact lenses, the chances of breaking them is highly unlikely compared to breaking (and even losing) a pair of eyeglasses. A good pair of contact lenses is easy to manage. As long as you know how to maintain and properly care for your contact lenses, you are good to go.

  1. Weather-Proof

Eyeglasses tend to fog up in certain circumstances, such as a sudden change of atmosphere. Wiping your eyeglasses is an easy fix, but switching to contact lenses is the ultimate convenient solution. With a pair of contact lenses, you will never have to worry about experiencing foggy vision through your eyeglasses again.

Additionally, a great pair of contact lenses such as Acuvue contacts provide you with an option to wear sunglasses to better protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays when the need arises.

In conclusion, wearing the right pair of contact lenses are undeniably better than wearing a pair of eyeglasses. With contact lenses, you can have clear vision without having to worry about accidentally losing or breaking your glasses. A comfortable pair of contact lenses also allow you to see the world obstruction-free and no matter the weather. If you are planning to switch from using traditional eyeglasses to convenient contact lenses, cutting edge contact lenses with quality is the perfect choice that would provide you with hassle-free and clearer vision!