How Industrial Camera Systems Helped My Business

Inspection technology is progressing faster, and now we have access to foolproof supervision technology to help businesses become better. I’ve heard many good things about using industrial camera systems for your office, retail stores, and factories. Now that I caved in and bought one for my business, I can say it’s an investment worth making. Here’s how industrial camera systems helped my business become better than ever.

Prevent Theft 24/7

After getting a high speed camera, I never had to worry about theft again. I placed these cameras at strategic locations inside and outside my retail outlet and manufacturing building. These cameras record my locations 24/7, and I can review this footage any time I want. They also have a frame rate of 340 frames a second at a 4096 × 3072 resolution.

As an example of how they work, I’ve put signs warning people about my high speed camera system to discourage them from stealing. If a thief decides to break into my buildings to steal something, I can quickly look for a perfect angle to get a good look at their face. Once I have that, I can zoom in to get the most precise picture of their face. I can send this evidence to the appropriate authorities and keep my business safe.

Increase Productivity

When I let my employees know that the industrial camera system would help me monitor their performance, I saw an increase in productivity. An industrial camera has more reliable supervision than human eyes, especially since you can go back to the footage later for closer inspection. Knowing this information made my employees work harder since they didn’t want to look unproductive on camera. In fact, because of this system, I can see which employees deserve to move higher up because of their consistent output.

Solve Employee Conflict

Conflict is inevitable between people, and because of that, it’s common to find it in workplaces. Solving a dispute between your employees is a duty you can’t ignore. It doesn’t just preserve company productivity but also ensures a healthy work environment for your employees. Making your company feel like a safe place for your workers is crucial. Having an industrial camera system to watch over your employees will help with conflict resolution.

For example, I recently caught two coworkers arguing about something on an industrial camera. While I couldn’t hear the argument, I saw that one of them stood up and started shouting at the other. HR can view this footage and ask my two employees, as well as any witnesses, what happened. From there, they can decipher the whole story and determine an appropriate consequence.

Catch Machinery Malfunctions

If any machinery breaks down in my manufacturing building, a high speed camera can probably catch how it broke down and why. For example, if one of my machines breaks down, I can check the footage and slow it down. Because the camera captures so many frames, slowing it down still gives me a smooth playback. I’ll be able to locate the cause of the malfunction from there.

If you need high-quality surveillance for your business, Voltrium Systems can provide you with a reliable industrial camera system.