What are the Features that Make Cannabis Pouches Worth Your Money?

Obtaining cannabis isn’t as hard as storing it. It requires proper conditions so that it neither loses its flavor nor its potency. Many such needs made premium firms like the Canadian firm, Hush Kush to come up with pouches that could keep joints, vapes, half lit joints, as well as dried weed flowers intact and flavorful. If you too have been looking forward to buying such high-quality cannabis bags, then you must have a look at the benefits offered by bags at Hush Kush that we have listed below. 

Now, let’s get started with the benefits without preamble. 

  1. These Bags are Waterproof

One of the reasons that Hush Kush bags are one of the best options to store cannabis is that they are made waterproof and humidity resistant. Thus, your product will not lose its taste and the quality will remain topnotch as well. 

  1. These Bags are Smell Proof 

The Hush Kush odor proof bags are made with the help of the Perma B technology where beeswax coating is done on the insides of the pouches so that they do not smell at all. As a result, whether it’s the weed flowers that you store or rolled joints, they won’t catch any kind of smell.

  1. These Bags are Portable

You can easily carry these bags since they are lightweight. Besides, they can be size customized too. They are made foldable. Which means, all that they need is a small corner in your bag even when you’re hiking. 

Besides, they can be used to store half lit joints too. 

  1. These Bags are Strong

The Hush Kush bags are made with pure leather. And, it’s a no brainer that pure leather lasts for years. 

In fact, you can easily increase their life only if you turn them inside out while washing them. And yes, you hear us right they are washable. Hence, you can reuse them again and again and they won’t affect the quality of your weed. 

Having said that, we will now take you through a list of top three picks that we found the best. Have a look:

  1. The Henna’s One Love Pouch
  2. The Le Bordel Pouch
  3. The Dark Cherry Red Bag

These are our picks. But, you can easily explore the entire range of such products at Hush Kush and pick the one that you like the most.