Top 10 Markets To Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange Platform in 2021

Launching your own cryptocurrency is like a dream as this would get you a lot of money. You can not trust all the platforms as money scams are real in this case. It would be great if you would go with trusted apps. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency exchange software lists for you:


If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange software then you cannot find anything better than bitcoin. This is not only an old platform but at the same time, it is very trustable as well. It is easy to use so anyone can enjoy trading through bitcoin.

Bitcoin cash:

Bitcoin cash is an updated version of bitcoin which is safer to use. You would get a better version of cryptocurrency exchange script which is a great thing for sure. You would get advanced features and cash backs would also be there.


This is a smarter version of cryptocurrency so you would even get detailed information about your money transactions. You can come across many features with every update of the software which would make things smooth for you.


With the market value of over 13 billion, ripple needs to be in the list. The selling agenda of ripple is unique and it would get you more profit. The money transfers would done in low transactions costs and it also makes the transactions faster.


Litecoin is in the list with over 4.6 billion market value. You would have great user experience in this case. You can be sure about the security while using litecoin as it is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange software.


This has to be the best platform for you to buy cryptocurrency and establish as well. Many people trust this platform as it would give a high note profit. The market value of EOS is now over 4 billion.


This is one such platform that has grown rapidly in the market. If you want to grow as well then this platform would be best for you. The popularity of this platform says well about the security of this platform.


With the market value of over 2 billion, this platform would prove to be best for you. You would be able to do stock marketing through this platform to earn value in cryptocurrency.


makerDAO is in this market from a long time and people are happy about its existence. This is good for even beginners as it is very easy to use. You can earn profit and T the same time, you would also grow with this platform.


  • This is faster with transactions.
  • You can expect good security.
  • You can get full information about then money transaction.