The Top Mobile Onboarding Strategies Which Actually Increase Conversions

To be specific, there are over 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the iOS store. This implies that despite your hard efforts to design and develop an app, users would always find better alternatives. Thus, it is imperative to hook users and infuse a sense of loyalty. When you are designing an onboarding strategy, you need to appeal to their human-like habits. So here are some strategies which highlight how to increase app conversion.

Use Images Extensively in the Onboarding Process

Your onboarding tutorials would be great only if you use images extensively. Human psychology tends to have a better grasp of visual content. Since users don’t have much time onboarding, you help them process images quickly. Engaging them with images instead of text would help you render a great onboarding experience.

Provide your Users with an Objective

In case there isn’t a progress bar, your users are likely to be confused. Always remember that human beings are goal-oriented and we often feel lost without objectives. While onboarding new users, always place a progress bar with number of steps needed to complete the onboarding process. In this manner, your users can keep a tab on the progress made by them.

Always be Transparent

Onboarding is a great opportunity for you to engage with users. Nowadays, users are always apprehensive of sharing personal data. So you have to be cautious about the type of personal data you are asking.

As data breaches are taking a center stage these days, users are unlikely to share their personal data with you. One way to address this issue is to be transparent with your intentions. For instance, you can tell them what this data would be used to do.

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