The Right Budget and More for Your Garden Buildings

If you have a small budget or want only a shed to store minor things and you do not care about aesthetics, choose a metal shed. They are the cheapest and you only have to repaint them after the years. Its walls do not insulate from the cold, so you should only choose it as a shed or warehouse, but not if you want to spend time inside, preparing seedlings, for example.

If you want something more sophisticated and are not afraid to work to keep it in good condition, you should choose a wooden shed. The wooden shed imitating a small chalet will be another room where you can spend time dedicated to your garden. Even as a small guest room or for family recreation in good weather. You can click here for the best deal now.

The precise maintenance will be done with leisure, varnish or paint for the wood

You can also let your creativity fly and, if you prefer, paint it as you like. Wooden huts need more maintenance, but the wood is prepared in advance to withstand the elements. In addition, it is a material with insulating properties.

The rest of the characteristics of the garden sheds are usually common:

The necessary surface to install it

Do not forget the height when choosing its location, especially if you want to install it attached to the house or in the shade of a lush tree.

Doors and windows with or without glass or plastic glass

  • Take into account whether or not you will need a lot of light for your work and also if the door will be wide enough to pass all your tools, such as the lawnmower or a wheelbarrow.
  • Soil included, or not, and if you need to prepare, for example, a concrete screed to serve as a base and isolate it from soil moisture.
  • Accessories for anchoring to the ground, or to the base.
  • The shape and materials of the roof, depending on inclement weather and the need for insulation you need.

Let’s see all this in detail below.

Materials for your garden shed

Wooden huts

Wooden shed Wood is still the material that best combines naturalaesthetics  with a cozy touch. It can be used for several months or even throughout the year, as it can have a guest room, games room, toilet, etc. The garden sheds solid wood can easily furnish and thus be habitable due to its insulating properties. Choose thick-walled ones to guarantee the stability of the construction, as well as its duration. There is a wide variety of wood models to choose from and they come in all styles: sloping roofs, flat roofs or smooth-shaped roofs, to have a different house from the neighbor’s.

The main drawback of wood is that it requires more or less regular maintenance. If you do not want to spend all the time spending money on paint, choose models in  autoclaved wood that is  resistant to rot  and insects, or  heat-treated wood  (at high temperature and injected with water vapor),  resistant to rot and heat time passed . There are also booths that are sold pre-painted.