The Right Advises for Your Tennessee Travel

The golden tip among things to do in Nashville Tennessee is to spend at least one night. Everything changes completely, and that is when the city ​​of music has the most life by far. Choosing a well-located hotel to go out at night, forget about the car and be able to enjoy it to the fullest, is another tip to aim in capital letters.

Among the best things to do in Nashville Tennessee to fully enjoy the capital of country music. there are plenty of activities and guided tours around the city of American music. As you go for the Tennessee Travel Guide .

We leave you here some very top ones that you can book online, such as a guided tour of the houses of country music stars , a nighttime trolley tour to see some of the essential places to visit in Nashville up close, or a river boat tour of those that we have seen a thousand times in the movies. Here are the Things to do in Tennessee  for you.

Clothing advice

Mid Season? Tennessee is very cold and snows in winder and also going to a higher altitude.

Photo tips

Ask people for permission before photographing them.

Electrical advice

The  electric current of approximately 110 volts. Provide an adapter for flat plugs.

Sanitary advice

Mandatory vaccines

  • No vaccine is required to travel to Tennessee.

Recommended vaccines

  • It is recommended to perform a DT Polio booster and get vaccinated against hepatitis B.

Health risks and advice

The medical infrastructure is excellent, but the cost of care remains very high.

It is strongly recommended to take out insurance covering medical costs and medical repatriation before departure.


The name of Tennessee comes from the name of a Cherokee Indian village: Tanasi. Tennessee is sometimes called the “Volunteer State”, a nickname coming from the important role played by volunteer soldiers in the region in the Battle of New Orleans, during the War of 1812.

Tennessee is a proud state of its natural resources. : located between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Mississippi, the state has a fairly diverse geography that allows you to discover and enjoy the great outdoors or stay in the many log cabins.

But Tennessee is, above all, known for being the homeland of music. In fact, almost half of the musical recordings in the United States are made in studios in the region. Nashville is more particularly famous for its country, bluegrass or pop productions, it is also nicknamed, “Music City USA”. Finally, the state has counted among its artists, one of the greatest musicians in the world, Elvis Presley. His property, Graceland, located in Memphis, is today a place of pilgrimage for thousands of fans, and many museums and memorials celebrate the work of the “King”.