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As a starting entrepreneur, it is attractive to initially work from home. You do not have to invest in a business space and an office is quickly set up. But can you just start a home business and are your costs tax deductible? As you are Starting a Dutch business  you need the right supports.

Starting a sole proprietorship at home

Most entrepreneurs starting a home business start sole proprietorships. The walk is not that big either. You have a good idea, register with the Chamber of Commerce and as an entrepreneur you can go wherever you want. You can start directly from your study, attic or even at the kitchen table.

Corona crisis and starting from home

Corona has changed our lives. In 2020, a total of 236,589 people started a company, 3% more starting entrepreneurs than the year before. Much of this started part-time or from home.

Advantages of working from home

Many starters who have this option choose to work from home in the first instance.

Working from home has quite a few advantages:

  • You don’t have to travel up and down every day
  • You can determine your own working hours
  • You save money on renting or buying business premises

Since the start of the corona crisis, working from home has even become the norm. The necessity of a commercial building has disappeared for many companies and online meetings and sales conversations will become an indispensable part of our working lives after the corona crisis.

Working from home, is that allowed just like that?

As a self-employed professional who works from home, you have to adhere to the rules of the government. But don’t be put off as you can tick them all off below. From Intercompany Solutions  you can get the right kind of support in this case.

Whitepaper business plan

Check the zoning plan

First, let’s look at what the law says about starting a home business, in a private home. That house has a residential destination according to the zoning plan.

  • In many cases, explicit permission from the municipality is required to start a business at home. That depends on the industry in which you work.
  • Someone with a liberal profession does not need permission from the municipality to start a business at home.
  • With a liberal profession you can usually work from home, more about this later in the article. But starting a catering business or a retail business from home is not possible at all.
  • It would also be strange if your neighbors suddenly open a hardware store, the other neighbors then also become franchisee and your neighborhood loses its residential character by turning into a business park.

Prevent nuisance to the neighborhood

Furthermore, your home business should not cause any inconvenience. After all, you live in a residential area and therefore have to take each other into account. That is why you are not allowed to start a catering business at home. The music and (drunk) guests would make a lot of noise.A carpenter is also not allowed to just make a workshop in the garden because of noise nuisance from the work. You also have to keep the company low-profile.