The Most Sentimental Bouquets for That Special Someone

The custom of giving flowers to a loved one on a special occasion may be traced back to ancient mythology, as well as Greek and Roman folklore, and even further back into documented history. Today, you will study the symbolic significance of six of the most romantic flowers. Celebrating important anniversaries and birthdays by sending florist Puchong flowers to loved ones located all around Malaysia is a wonderful way to honor the occasion.


  • The kind of person who gets excited easily should look at these flowers. They may be found in a range of colors, such as red, yellow, violet, white, and fuchsia, among other options.
  • Tulips, which are plants that grow from bulbs, are a sign that spring has arrived, but their flowers only last for three to seven days.
  • The message conveyed by the crimson tulip is one of love. The sending of a white tulip, on the other hand, is meant to convey sorrow.
  • Unique Occasion: You should give these flowers to someone on their birthday, wedding, or for a friendship that isn’t quite as meaningful yet but is still very special to you.


  • It is often seen in beautiful violet color and relieves the principal pains associated with attachment.
  • If you are in a young relationship or just starting with a new companion, this flower is an excellent choice.
  • Meaning: There seems to be a maroon tone that is accessible that is more grounded, and this tone may be used to indicate a more grounded kind of affection.
  • Exceptional event: Give a wonderful bouquet of lilacs to someone you care about, whether it’s for a special occasion like a birthday or just because.


  • They are the flowers with the most passionate appeal.
  • Even though roses are available in a wide variety of colors, the deep red blossom is the symbol of everlasting love. They imply a genuine and sincere romantic connection with a spouse.
  • Occasions of Extraordinary Significance: Although Valentine’s Day is the most appropriate time to give red roses to loved ones, these stunning blooms also make wonderful presents on occasions such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and other memorable events such as the presentation of a marriage proposal.


  • Orchids, in comparison to other types of flowers, are both more delicate and spectacular.
  • Even though the blooms could wilt, the plant goes through a period of dormancy after which it can rebloom if it is given the appropriate care and attention.
  • There are a few different assortments and kinds available to look through, including pretty much every color in the rainbow, which is symbolic of love, trust, and karma.
  • The perfect time to give someone an orchid is on their birthday or Valentine’s Day. Exceptional Occasion


  • The pink carnation from florist Selayang is an appropriate present for someone who is more inhibited and inclined toward introspection.
  • The meaning of carnations may be broken down into two categories: pink denotes respect, while white carnations represent pure love.
  • Special Occasion: Since carnations are the birthstone flower for January, giving one as a birthday gift is an amazing choice for this particular flower.