The Kamado Bono Grande: A Grill Built for Mass Gatherings and Professional Use

The Kamado Bono series expands its already impressive lineup with the Kamado Bono Grande, a grill specifically designed for large gatherings and even professional settings like restaurants and bars. With a cooking grid diameter of 49 cm and an overall device diameter of 59 cm, this beast of a grill aims to be the center of attention at any cookout.

Not Just Big, But Loaded with Features

The Grande isn’t merely large; it’s feature-rich. Built with the premium quality that Kamado grills are known for, the Grande comes standard with a ceramic Kamado and a metal floor stand fitted with wheels for easy mobility. Additional convenience comes in the form of side trays equipped with hooks for utensils and a new fiberglass gasket to ensure a snug fit when closed.

Beyond Traditional Grilling

The comprehensive kit accompanying the Grande provides cooks with the option to explore beyond traditional grilling. The Dual Zone cooking system is a notable addition, letting grillers create different temperature zones within the grill. The device comes with two half-moon grates and two half-moon heat deflectors, allowing for a variety of cooking methods. Whether you’re direct grilling steaks and burgers, cooking indirectly using the deflector for chicken and roasts, or even smoking ribs and cheeses, the Grande has you covered.

Accessories Galore

For those looking to extend their grilling repertoire, the Grande has more to offer. The package includes a ceramic chicken holder for perfect poultry roasting, an ash cleaning shovel, a protective cover, and an ash collection kit. An accessory cross provides additional space for pots and pans, letting you cook wok or stews right on the grill.

Eco-friendly Bonus

In line with the commitment to sustainability, the Kamado Bono Grande also includes an electric starter as a complimentary gift. This is in addition to a free “From Zero to Griller” course, which can be activated upon purchase.

Commercial Applications

With its generous size, the Grande is ideally suited for commercial environments. Restaurants and bars can make effective use of its capacity and features, cooking for groups of 10-12 people effortlessly. Given its weight of 112 kg (including packaging), this is not a grill you’ll be moving around frequently, making it a solid investment for stationary commercial setups.

Your Next Step to Professional Grilling

For anyone eyeing the next level in their grilling journey, the Kamado Bono Grande provides an all-encompassing solution. Priced at 1,099.00€, it is a substantial but worthwhile investment in elevating your grilling game.

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