Self-hypnosis to develop self-compassion 

We all need to learn, develop and cultivate as human beings and part of the development process is developing ourselves to look after others. It’s rightly said to “truly help yourself you need to help others”. This means developing compassion, being sensitive to others, and doing things to alleviate their hardship and help in necessity. This means caring for others, being interested in others, prioritizing relationships, and loving others. You are doing this simply because you want to help them without asking for anything in return. A lack of compassion is a habit, often borne out of self-preservation or learned patterns.

 Hypnosis is an effective way to update your unconscious attitudes to a better fit. Self-compassion gives great satisfaction and happiness. Now the question is how to hypnotize yourself? Self-hypnosis is an evidence-based and practical technique that empowers the participant to prevent burnout and improve relaxation. This is a good stress management technique that improves compassion fatigue. It can bring lasting behavior changes. There are wonderful scripts, audios with appropriate language and delivery patterns available in the market. The tonality, pitch, speed of words, and throw of language contribute to a very successful session. Each self-hypnosis session is well crafted, researched, planned, and drafted with an experienced team of hypnotherapists to deliver the best.

Self-hypnosis is nothing but hypnotize yourself simply and safely.  One can listen to self-hypnosis guided CDs, audios or MP3 download that gently helps you through the whole process of self-induced and says hypnotize your-self like this. Highly professionally produced MP3 and CDs have immense benefits but you can always visit a hypnotherapist in person. Today the question of how to hypnotize yourself is irrelevant since you have the option of effective, affordable, and excellent value for money recorded self-hypnosis professionally crafted session as well as visiting a professional hypnotherapist. Some basic principles within a self-hypnosis session that will boost your self-compassion and help you to understand how to hypnotize yourself?

  • Induce hypnosis

One can follow free audio, CD, or MP3 downloads to practice that will open the mind.

  • Imagine your most loved person in front

Imagine your loved one sitting in front of you. You notice his/her expression, clothes and are aware of the personal details. Tell yourself that every thought, detail, and image deepens your self-induced hypnosis experience.

  • Step into the shoes of the person who loves you

You look through the person’s eyes, hear with his ears and feel with his heart. Notice and record in detail the person’s loving experience with you. Hold all these feelings and step back into your shoes assimilating all those accepting and loving feelings with you and move on.

-Look in a mirror 

After stepping back imagine looking at your reflection in a mirror. View yourself with wonderful feelings and complete acceptance of love. Through these loving eyes observe the things that you used to consider as flaws and now accept them. There might be resistance but it will be overcome with more practice.

  • Communicate

Think about someone you love truly and think about how you are going to communicate and acceptance of love to them? Communicate that same way in front of a mirror.

  • Symbolically send love

Send warmth and love to yourself in the mirror with colors of light, sound, glow, sentiment and sensation.

  • Deep energizing breaths

Take deep breaths, wiggle your toes and fingers and slowly open your eyes to relax and exit.

Practicing this process will help to build self-compassion.