How to get rid of November greyness through tourism in Saskatchewan?

The beautiful summer days are behind us and the cold has quietly taken its place in our daily lives. November settled in the homes and winter arrived faster than we expected. However, know that despite the low temperatures, Saskatchewan has plenty to do.

Today, we invite you to discover what tourism in Saskatchewan has to offer! Here is our proposed itinerary.

The stages of tourism in Saskatchewan, presented by

Historic Reesor Ranch

For those who want to get outdoors on horseback and explore the exceptional panoramic views that Saskatchewan tourism has to offer, this activity is yours. Near Cypress Hills, you will be able to walk around and photograph the most beautiful scenery.

To learn more about the beautiful horseback riding getaways: Historic Reesor Ranch

Government House

We recommend the Government House which is a beautiful ancestral brick house. Come and discover the former residence of the Lieutenant Governor which has regained all its Victorian splendour of 1891. A beautiful visit that will take you a few hours, knowing that on site, other activities will be offered to you.

If you would like more information, follow the link right here to learn more: Government House.


Tourism in Saskatchewan will take you back in Canadian history by visiting many historic buildings such as: the exceptional Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral, the Convent of Jesus-Marie, the Bishop’s residence, Mathieu College and the Gravel family residences.

To learn more about this place, you can read our article: Gravelbourg, at the Centre du patrimoine francophone de la Saskatchewan.

Hand Wave Gallery

The Hand Wave Gallery was created by June Jacobs, who gave local artists a place to exhibit their work in order to give them a good visibility.

If you are on a sightseeing tour in the province of Manitoba, take the opportunity to stop by.

For more information, you can consult the following link: Hand Wave Gallery.

When it comes to tourism in Saskatchewan, there is something for everyone. Leave us your comments regarding your cultural visits, we will gladly collect them. We love to hear what our readers have enjoyed.

We hope our itinerary has inspired you to become a tourist in Saskatchewan!