Quick ideas for instant kerb appeal

Brightening up your home by trimming hedges, clearing away clutter and giving it a last-minute lick of paint can be arduous for homeowners on the move. They will have enough to think about as they plan for their own house move, so quick and easy tips are always welcome to help get the house in order to motivate viewers.

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Ensure the roof and gutters are in good condition

Viewers look for a roof to be in good condition so homeowners should ensure there are no missing, loose or cracked tiles. Furthermore, gutters too should be cleaned to get rid of leaves and debris, to give a tidy presentation and to raise kerb appeal.

The entrance to your property will be the point of contact for the buyer and set a precedent for the rest of the home. Ensuring it is well kept is paramount, and if it needs replacing, it is well worth the money. A shabby entrance can be a turn-off for potential buyers, so it is a good idea to place a few accessories around the entrance to make it homely, such as a blooming and colourful plant or a clean doormat.

A well-lit property adds to the homely kerb appeal

Ensure the property is well lit outside. Exterior lights boost confidence with regard to security, and they also give off a pleasant vibe. Remove all weeds from beds at the front and back, and place a few potted plants at the door. Make sure the garden vegetation has been cut if the viewing is in the spring and summer. If you want to quickly improve the appearance of the exterior, consider choosing a new colour scheme to give the windows and doors a more unified appearance. This fresh new look can revive a tired facade.

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A building survey will provide detailed and comprehensive information on the condition of a property following an extensive inspection by a surveyor. While providing peace of mind, this process is part of moving homes. For homeowners on the move who require a building survey London has plenty of professionals who will be happy to take your call. On-the-move singles, couples and families, who require a detailed building survey london is home to many qualified professionals.

Spice up your home with some sumptuous scents

It’s not only visuals that can help sell your home, scents too will give your living space a much-needed boost. According to House Beautiful fragrant aromas can spice up your home to make it more inviting during the viewing process.

A tidy exterior adds to kerb appeal and bins that are overflowing or particularly ugly can be moved out of sight for the viewing. If possible, place the recycling and refuse bins in the shed to declutter the back patio and garden area. Most importantly, if you have any large items such as mattresses, bed frames or sofas, ensure they are not lying in the driveway waiting on the local authority to remove them.