Pros and Cons of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles, which are also known as square carpets or modular carpets, have become a popular flooring option for both residential and commercial spaces. If you have a desire to install carpeted flooring, but feeling hesitant to install them because of high maintenance then you can relax. You can fulfill your dreams with the installation of carpet tiles. In this type of flooring, the carpet comes in the form of tiles which is very easy to maintain. The carpet tiles are the perfect alternative choice to the traditional carpeting. Due to it’s a lot of great features the carpet tiles can be used in any kind of space. They are one of the finest options for the stairs as well. Is this carpet flooring option right for you? For the answer, you have to read the following pros and cons.


  • Durability

The first benefit of installing carpet tiles is that they are extremely durable that can give a life to the floor for many years. Not all types of carpet offer the same performance which the carpet tiles offer. The thing which makes the carpet tiles durable is their cushioned backing. Such backing absorbs the impact of the foot traffic, which protects the carpet fiber from daily wears and tears.  The hard backed carpet tiles are less durable.

  • Easy Maintenance

Another important benefit of the carpet tiles is that they do not require high maintenance and care. Due to easy maintenance, the carpet tiles are widely used for commercial spaces. Modular carpet and broadloom cleaning have similar cleaning requirements. They only require regular vacuuming with the occasional deep cleaning.

  • Easy Installation

The installation process of the carpet tiles is very easy and there is no compulsory need to hire professionals for it. Because of their small size and lightweight, the carpet tiles are very easy to carry and install. The carpet tiles flooring has less waste and it can be proved as a great cost saving flooring option.

  • Variety of Designs

There are numerous designs when we talk about carpet tiles. If you are looking for flooring for your modern home then you can consider carpet tiles which are available in the latest styles and can be customized.


  • Not good against spills and moisture

The first drawback of carpet tiles is that they are not good for the area where there is high a moisture condition. They are not good against pet accidents and spills as well. Due to different seams, the liquid can be absorbed in carpet tiles later which will be difficult to remove. So carpet tiles are not recommended for the kitchen and washroom.

  • Not really comfortable

Although the carpet tiles come with cushioned backing but they are really comfortable. If you are looking the softness that the carpets provide to the feet, then the carpet tiles can disappoint you. If the softness and comfort is your main concern then you should install carpet.