Professional assistance for international goods removal

Moving household or office goods to overseas locations involves customs and other legal requirements and the main task of moving the goods over very long distances. A professional removal company offering international removals ensures that all the legal requirements are met to ship the goods to other countries and manage the entire process right from packing to unpacking. Nuss Removals is one such company offering international removals from Sydney. It works with overseas partners to ensure smooth and efficient transport and delivery of goods to foreign countries. Irrespective of whether you are moving from Sydney to the USA, Asia, Europe, or any other country, Nuss Removals simplifies what is otherwise a highly complex process for you. For international removals, you can trust, visit Nuss Removals.

The process adopted for international goods removals by Nuss Removals has been discussed here.


An international removal expert of the company visits the client’s home for a consultation. A pre-move survey is carried out to determine the volume and types of goods to be moved. Items that require special packing are also noted. The client’s needs and requirements are discussed, and the best moving plan is chalked out. Storage and other additional services, if required by the client, are also discussed. The final price quote is determined after the survey and discussions. The written price quote for packing, transportation, moving, and other additional services required for international moving is provided to the client. The expert draws up a timeframe that best suits the client.

Moving process

The move coordinator ensures that all the goods are packed and prepared as per export standards. Special cartons designed for international shipping are used to store the goods. The goods are then sealed inside shipping containers. The move coordinator guides the client through the various rules and regulations of the country’s customs department to which the goods are being transported. A comprehensive list and description of each item as required by customs is prepared. The move coordinator ensures that the documentation is in order and there is not even a small chance of the goods being seized by the customs officers at the foreign location.

Once the formalities are completed, the containers are loaded on a ship or airline, as the case may be. The client is given the facility to track the shipment throughout the journey. The company arranges for customs clearance of the goods at the port or airport. The local crew collects the goods after customs clearance and delivers them to the final location. Unpacking and furniture reassembling services are also provided. A truck load board is a meeting place for freight brokers and shippers to arrange for the movement of goods. It is common in the freight industry because it is a great way to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Storage and additional services

Apart from storage facilities in Sydney and other places in Australia, storage facilities are also offered in international locations. People moving overseas often require temporary short and long-term storage of their goods due to many reasons. The storage facilities are clean and secure. Storage containers are used to keep the items in the warehouse. The items are listed, labeled, and tagged so that finding them becomes easy during retrieval. Pricing depends upon the volume of goods—Nuss Removals charges based on per cubic meter space occupied.

Additional services are provided to help the client in settling down in the new location. These include house hunting and negotiating rent agreements, school research, furniture rental, etc.