Parenting 101: How To Ensure The Safety Of Kids Furniture In Singapore

Having a child at home changes the way people design their houses. For example, they make sure the interior design and all the facilities are child-proof. There are covers for electric sockets to prevent kids from inserting something in them. Or there are no fragile decors above the shoe rack in Singapore.

 These are the things parents must remember when filling up the nursery rooms, kids’ rooms, or cubby holes. Otherwise, there is a high chance for an accident to happen, especially with super active kids.

This article will discuss some safety tips for purchasing and using kids furniture in Singapore.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Kids Furniture In Singapore

If you think that children furniture in Singapore is just a smaller and more cartoonish version of regular furniture, you are wrong. Many furniture manufacturers incorporate discreet safety features to the fittings to ensure your kid’s protection.

So it is better to invest in kids furniture in Singapore if it ensures your child’s safety.

Here are some safety tips when purchasing and using kid’s furniture:


1.   Cribs and cots

There are different types of cribs and cots for babies. There is the fixed cot, rocking cribs, and foldable cots.

Generally, for all types of cribs, the mattress thickness should not exceed six inches; otherwise, it would suffocate the child or get them trapped. The finishes, such as the paint and prints, should be toxic-free. Avoid crowding the cot with comforters, pillows, blankets, and soft toys to prevent suffocating the child.

The slats of the crib should be narrow to prevent babies from squeezing themselves or any body part through. Don’t place the crib near curtains.

For fixed cribs, avoid buying those with drop-down rails as the moving parts can be dangerous.

Rocking cribs and bassinets exist because ‘rocking’ has a soothing effect on the baby. Do not leave your baby unattended in a rocking crib, especially if they are learning to wiggle, move, and roll.

Be extra careful when buying kids furniture in Singapore, especially a folding cot. There is a high chance a low-grade folding cot will collapse when the baby tries to lean on or climb over it.

2.   Bunk beds

Bunker beds are common children furniture in Singapore for families with multiple children. However, since they are elevated, there is a risk of falling from the upper bed.

Firstly, parents should only buy bunker beds when their kids are age-appropriate for them. Kids six years old and above can sleep in bunk beds; younger than six are off limits.

The upper bed should have at least ten-inch tall guard rails to prevent kids from falling, especially when they roll over while sleeping.

Instead of a ladder, like what other bunker beds use, choose the one with stairs. It is safer to use, and kids can use them safely when hurrying.

You can place non-slip mats on the steps of the stairs to prevent kids from slipping and sliding when using the stairs.

3.   Dresser

There is a high chance that dressers could tumble or tip over, especially when used as a support to stand-up by toddlers. Children also love climbing dressers.

When choosing a dresser, cabinet, or shoe rack for children in Singapore, make sure they are low. Tall dressers have a high chance of being tipped over.

Check if the legs of the dresser are planted evenly on the floor. Much better if the furniture is anchored to the wall. Avoid purchasing cabinets and storage with wheels.

More importantly, do not put the dresser near the windows. Climbing the dresser gives the child easy access to the window, which is dangerous, especially for multi-storey houses and apartments.

 Avoid putting fragile items on top of the dresser as well. Lastly, teach your child not to climb on any furniture.



4.   Tables

Tables for children are low-levelled to accommodate their height. Regular tables are not only hard to reach but also prone to accidents. The child can easily climb on it and fall a few feet from the ground.

When choosing a kid’s table for the study room, playroom, or cubby holes, it is better to opt for the round one since it lacks sharp edges.

Avoid purchasing glass table tops; plastic or wood are the best furniture material for kids.

Make sure the table does not tip over when seated on. Avoid tables with wheels and make sure the table has non-slip legs.

5.   Toy boxes and chests

Toy boxes and chests are excellent storage furniture to keep the toys and school supplies from cluttering the study room or playroom; however, they may pose a threat. For example, if the lid is too heavy for the kid, it could potentially slam shut and hit the kid’s head, hands, or fingers.

When choosing this essential children furniture in Singapore, opt for chests with light and removable lids. There are also toy boxes and crates that close slowly. Much better to choose those without lids. It prevents toy boxes from slamming shut or trapping kids when they hide inside.

Speaking of becoming trapped, make sure toy boxes and chests have holes and openings for ventilation in case the child gets trapped inside.

If you buy a toy box with a latch, it should be easily opened from the inside and outside.

6.   Bookshelf

Toddlers and even preschoolers may already have bookshelves for their colouring books and story books and board games.

It can be dangerous since toddlers can carelessly pull heavy books and board games out of the shelf, which could fall on their heads or feet.

Firstly, like what parents should do with dressers, anchor the bookshelf to the wall.

Secondly, place the heavy books and board games at the bottom of the shelf while the light ones are on top.

Lastly, use a bannister netting or straps to guard the books and deter unattended access to books.


It is possible to keep your home childproof by using safer kids furniture in Singapore. It is never a waste to invest in your child’s safety.


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