Parenting 101: 10 Core Principles of Being a Good Parent


Good parenting can help children develop emotional intelligence and empathy. When a person’s mind is enticed by new information, it strengthens their determination to succeed. Parents can help prevent their children from developing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and antisocial behaviour by implementing these strategies at a young age.

Even though raising a family can be both challenging and rewarding, many people lack the skills and experience necessary to succeed in this endeavour. Taking care of a child is a full-time job. Good parenting is a lot of work. These 10 good parenting tips for Singapore parents will help.

Incorporate discipline to teach, not punish.

Get an understanding of what “discipline” means. All that matters is education and teaching rather than punishment, threats, or training. Think of yourself as a teacher and explain to your child why the limit needs to be established. Make sure they know it’s for their good and that it will have a positive impact on their life. Your child’s cooperation is a direct result of your respect for them, and this will make it easier for you to learn how to motivate your children.

Accept that it is okay if your child is mad at you.

Become a parent, not a friend, and you will succeed. As a result, you must not be afraid to play the villain. Your child may have resentment toward you. Face the music. An obnoxious child as an alternative is not an option. It’s okay for him to make mistakes. What if you don’t teach him how to deal with the ups and downs of life? Nobody is a success at every endeavour. Sometimes, to succeed, you have to fail. In the same way, that is how parents learn how to motivate their children.

You can’t go overboard with the love you’re showing.

A child cannot be lavished with love in the way he or she deserves. As a society, people often think that spoiling a child results in negative consequences for the child, but this isn’t always the case. Things like leniency, lowered expectations, or material goods can lead to a lack of love in a child’s life.

Treat your child with due respect.

Abusing or hitting your children teaches them to respond to conflict with aggression and meanness, which is not a positive example. If you’re feeling particularly enraged, step away for a few minutes, then return with a strategy for dealing with the situation. If you find yourself losing your cool, be honest about it and say that you regret it. Sounding control and vindictive is much less effective than sounding firm and even angry but measured. Writing courses in Singapore can help mitigate these instances by giving children the habit of assessing their thoughts before physically reacting. This paves the way for your child to respond to situations without aggression.

Solve problems together.

Punishment must be replaced by problem-solving to teach children and adults how to be responsible and respectful. To get children to do what they want, parents use punishment as a coercive and manipulative tactic. It does not affect character or empathy development. It’s a big part of how bullies get their start. Fear and coercion are not effective methods of teaching children. Instead of being a problem, their unacceptably bad behaviour serves as a warning to parents that they are struggling.

Immerse yourself in your child’s life.

One of the most highly recommended parenting tips for Singapore parents is to become more actively involved. However, it requires effort and sacrifice, and it frequently necessitates shifting your priorities. It often necessitates giving up something you want to do for the sake of your child’s well-being. Make an effort to be present in your mind as well as your body.

Consistency is key.

Your child’s misbehaviour is your fault, not his if your rules are inconsistent or only enforced infrequently. Consistency is your most powerful disciplinary tool. Make a list of the things that you will not compromise on, such as the regular trips to his educational consultant in Singapore. In line with this, It is less likely that your child will challenge your authority if it is founded on wisdom rather than on power, and an educational consultant can help enrich the value of an authoritative figure.

Incorporate naturally harmless consequences.

If possible, use the natural consequences. Instead of letting life take its course, parents may feel compelled to punish their children when they make mistakes or misbehave. Let your child get cold if he refuses to wear a coat. Let him lose his toys if he doesn’t clean up after himself. Due to their scepticism about natural consequences, parents often impose artificial ones, such as restricting their children’s access to video games or television. These factors do have an effect on behaviours over time.


Show appreciation for good behaviour.

Children do want to please their parents, despite what you might think when you’re having a hard time with yours. When a child receives praise from their parents, nothing makes them happier than the sense of accomplishment they feel. Even as adults, many kids today still have a strong desire to please their parents, which shows the fruit of knowing how to motivate children properly.

Focus on the bigger picture.

Don’t get bogged down in the day-to-day details of your child’s behaviour and moods when he or she reaches the teen years. Remind yourself frequently that your teen will soon be free to leave the house and will have complete control over how emotionally connected you want them to be with you for the rest of your lives. In the teen years, the more time and effort you put into cultivating a democratic relationship, the more your soon-to-be grown child will appreciate and respect you.

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