Paralegals – The Best choice for Uncontested Divorce

To begin with, let us know the meaning of a paralegal. A paralegal is an assistant to a lawyer. He collects information about the assigned case, analyzes it, and then provides a summary to his lawyer. He does the research work for his employer, coordinates client meetings, and attends corporate meetings too. He takes care of routine activities or functions to be performed in a hearing or a trial.

Divorce is an emotional issue. Also, it is a very expensive issue too if dealt with by a divorce lawyer. In case of uncontested divorce, several couple thinks they can manage it on their own. And yes, it is possible to file for divorce without a lawyer. But, a lot of emotions are involved and so is a lot of paperwork; It is advisable to bring is an outsider who is neither very expensive nor is emotionally involved. A Divorce Preparation Services or Divorce Paralegal is the mid-way to choose between self-representation and divorce attorney.

Before hiring a paralegal, all the following conditions must be fulfilled.

  1. There should be no kids involved.
  2. There should be no property distribution issue.
  3. There should be no financial obligation to be dealt with.
  4. There should be divorce only through mutual consent.

If all the above conditions are satisfied then next the qualities required in a paralegal should be checked out.

  1. A paralegal should be registered as per prevailing rules.
  2. A paralegal should be well qualified.
  3. A paralegal should be an assistant to a great lawyer.
  4. A paralegal should provide good customer service that promptly replies to emails or calls.
  5. A paralegal should be presentable.
  6. A paralegal should have an organized workspace.
  7. A paralegal should behave properly with his fellow worker.
  8. A paralegal should be sympathetic about his work.

Now once we have a paralegal who is going to provide us with paralegal services, life becomes easier.

Functions of a Paralegal handling divorce proceedings.

  1. A paralegal would file the petition in the concerned court of law.
  2. A paralegal would make sure that all the evidence required is presented properly.
  3. A paralegal would ensure all the forms have been duly filled.
  4. A paralegal would make sure that his clients have pre-information about the court dates and send them reminders.
  5. A paralegal would see that all required forms are dully filled.

A paralegal would make sure that the minutest of details of the proceedings are to be handled properly.


Actions which cannot be performed by a paralegal handling divorce proceedings.

  1. A paralegal cannot appear before the court of law.
  2. A paralegal cannot give legal advice to his clients.
  3. A paralegal is not a lawyer so his work scope is limited.

Since hiring a paralegal can take off a lot of burden of your divorce proceedings from your shoulders, one should contemplate hiring a paralegal. Cost-effectiveness is one major deciding point while hiring a paralegal for divorce proceedings with mutual consent.