Maintenance Software for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks!

What is Theme Park Maintenance?

Theme park maintenance entails both preventive and planned maintenance. It is the responsibility of amusement parks, including zoos and water parks to safeguard enclosures, rides, stages and other areas accessed by the public. Well-run theme parks carry out thorough maintenance during off-season and regular preventive measures when the season is busy. Efficient theme park maintenance requires computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software to ease its operations.

Theme Park Maintenance Management software reduces to risk and unplanned downtime. The software enables scheduling of inspections, maintenance, and work orders for theme parks. CMMS has plenty of safety compliance and preventive maintenance features that help in maximizing equipment uptime and reduce unsafe conditions and unsafe conditions. Theme park maintenance using the software covers all assets including buildings, infrastructure and mega-rides such as electrical motors, and vehicles.

5 Essential Reasons for Using Theme Park Maintenance CMMS

Theme park maintenance software provides enables the staff and management to meet and go beyond customer satisfaction and safety objectives in the following ways:

  1. Improve Customer Experience (CX) –Maintenance management software puts basic infrastructure in top-notch condition whenever customers are visiting the park. This covers equipment and assets, such as plumbing, electric motors, HVAC, buildings, and rides.
  2. Improve Profitability – CMMS lowers operational costs by increasing equipment uptime, which is vital in delivering a safe environment. It also eliminates ordering guesswork by reducing stockroom inventory.

The software increases maintenance productivity by improving scheduling and work planning to maximize staff productivity. Customer concerns and safety issues are also resolved promptly when using the software.

  1. Eradicate Safety Hazards – The theme park maintenance software monitors safety issues at the workplace such as mildew and mold, ventilation-borne pathogens, slip and fall risks, structural hazards and occupational stress issues.
  2. Comprehensive Asset Tracking – The CMMS application enables gathering and storage of information to produce reliable reports on all assets from inventory, rides to computers. This is done while maintaining current data on safety and regulatory compliance, preventive maintenance, transfers, and purchases.
  3. Maintain Impeccable Operational Organization –The CMMS software is outstanding in crew scheduling and order implementation. It schedules every detail of theme park preventive maintenance including checklist inspections, pool maintenance, and mega-ride structural integrity. It also enables managers to view and revise staff scheduling through an easy to use calendar, which ensures optimum crew availability. All this is essential in ensuring your guests have the best experience at the park.

If you run a theme park, we can train you on theme park maintenance to reduce accidents and ensure the smooth flow of operations at the park. At ITI Technical College, we also show you how to use CMMS software for maximum benefits. For more information please visit