Is A Flight Attendant’s Income Worth It? 

If you have equivalent qualifications or have the will to become a flight attendant, then you must know in what ways your salary will be determined. Although the experience will give you good returns, flight attendant income (ราย ได้ แอร์ โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai) can be justified in several ways. If you want to earn well by becoming a flight attendant, knowing these criteria will help you a lot to prepare yourself in the right ways. Before explaining the pay scales of a flight attendant, let’s know the basic criteria that are defined by major airline companies throughout the world. 

Factors Determining The Flight Attendant Income

When you will get hired as a flight attendant, these are the things that will determine your income. 

  • If you have relevant educational qualifications. 
  • If you have relative work experience in the same or different sector. 
  • If you are a female. 
  • If you have a good voice and command over the language. 
  • If you are a good learner.
  • If you do your job dedicatedly and responsibly. 
  • If you can qualify the interviews for promotion in initial attempts only. 
  • If you communicate, behave, and instruct passengers nicely and humbly. 

These are certain specific criteria based on which your income will vary. This is because apart from the skills you have gained from training or experience if you make the passengers comfortable to obey all the rules then you will get some rewards as well by the name of incentives. 

Thailand people maintain their looks and styles so well. That is why, if you are from Thailand, then you may need to look more appealing while serving as a flight attendant. The more you look professional, you can earn more income and vice versa. Plus, flight attendant income also depends on how you carry your looks and styles in a maintained way. 

A flight attendant’s average salary in Thailand is 67,000TBH. The lowest is approx 37,000TBH and the highest is approx 1,00,000 TBH. You will be also offered transportation costs, meals, housing facility, etc. Although the salary, as said above, will drastically vary by gender, experience, skills, etc, you can expect the wages as per these sections only. 

If you are preparing for becoming a flight attendant, then this blog will help you to do it in more appropriate and perfect ways.