How Will You Choose Contractors for the Best Renovation

When you engage with a company specializing in the renovation of buildings, you must make sure that you contract with professionals who have all the insurance and certificates necessary for the execution of the work. Finding and hiring the most suitable, reviewed renovation contractors for your renovation project can save you time and money.


Waterproofing in particular is an extremely delicate sector which requires the acquisition of certain diplomas and training leading to qualifications. The guarantees offered by experts in the field are also a point on which you must be picky: also, do not hesitate to ask what are the insurance policies taken out by your professional, in order to access full coverage in the event of poor workmanship or accidents caused on the site.

You have every right, in the context of work carried out at home, to note the contract numbers. Also, the registration of the company is a fundamental datum which provides information on the degree of involvement and professionalism of your interlocutor.

Define your needs for waterproofing your patio

In both construction and renovation, the waterproofing of a terrace is an essential issue. Indeed, if the installation is not carried out correctly from the start, important and costly problems can arise, including if the terrace covers another room. Thus, flat roofs or non-accessible areas are more sensitive to infiltration s into the concrete when the coating is no longer waterproof. The problem is more important when it comes to a flat roof, because water flows more difficult unlike a sloping roof.

In other words, it is not only a question of choosing the right coating or the right products that will allow your terrace to last over time, but of knowing how to call on a recognized professional in the building, who will deliver a full expertise on your situation. At this stage, let us know how to distinguish between waterproofing and waterproofing. On the one hand, waterproofing consists of providing surface protection.

Terrace Area

On the other hand, waterproofing mainly concerns the underside of the terrace. First of all, and even before proceeding with the protection of your waterproof terrace, you should ask yourself several questions:

Are you in a situation of new or renovation?

For example, the realization of a waterproof tiled roof terrace is mandatory to protect the rooms located below from any water infiltration. On the other hand, if you want to renovate a traditional terrace, waterproofing work will be less necessary, but will still offer a guarantee of durability.

What is the nature of your terrace? Is it a concrete, wooden or tiled surface? Depending on the answer you give, different solutions will be offered. Note that most of the time, professionals use a waterproofing resin in several layers, compatible with a tile coating or clipped wooden slabs for example.

Are you facing insulation work on a classic terrace or roof terrace?

In the second case, isolation is an obligation to which you must submit. Building professionals generally opt here for the installation of an asphalt roll over the entire roof: this is a reputedly reliable and aesthetic alternative, however requiring the use of professional devices such as a torch. The PVC coating is lighter and does not require any particular installation process. Just stick the coating on the surface.