How to Prevent Ageing with UV Protective Daily Moisturizer

One of the biggest reasons why ageing signs are visible is the UV rays from the sun. Rain or shine, it is vital that one applies a UV protective daily moisturiser of at least SPF 30 for the whole year to attain younger-looking skin and prevent damage.

Daily moisturizers are important and must be considered part of your everyday routine if you want a defence against dark spot formation, wrinkles, and more signs of getting old. A powerful cream must contain a mix of skin-repairing and moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants which suits your skin type.

Moisturizers and everything you apply to your face must have SPF, and that’s very important. The harm of being exposed to UV radiation is always present even when it is cloudy or raining. The products you use for your skincare routine must be complete to achieve younger, healthier-looking skin. You will not be able to achieve the skin you so desire if you don’t consider using SPF products. Whatever your age is now, it is not too late. Everyday use of sun protection will keep you young looking.

Here are some tips to remember regarding SPF, so you will be guided in buying moisturizers.

  • Buy items that are only labelled with ‘broad spectrum’; this means that your skin will be safe against both UVA and UVB radiation. Your skin will burn when exposed to UVB rays, but in UVA, you will not feel the damage caused by it. Moreover, UVA is always present throughout the year – 365 days. A whole year being exposed to harmful rays is why you have to use products with a broad spectrum of sun protection.
  • Ultraviolet rays can go straight past glasses, thus damage your skin even when you are indoors, in a car or at work. UV rays cause damage whenever there is daylight – even if it is cloudy or rainy.
  • Applying products with a broad spectrum with a minimum SPF of 30 is highly recommended by medical professionals and dermatologists worldwide.
  • Applying products with SPF must be generous, so your skin will be fully covered and protected. A visible layer of the product must be applied so you can massage your neck and face with it. Allow your skin to thoroughly absorb the product before going out or applying makeup.
  • You must apply sunscreen products on your face, which are labelled for the beach. Look for creams with built-in sun protection that is hydrating and complete with active and anti-ageing ingredients.
  • In choosing a UV protective daily moisturiser, make sure to pick the ones suitable for the skin type you have. Cream-based texture suits dry skin type; liquid or gel textures are for oily skin, then lotion-based texture for combination skin.
  • Antioxidants and SPF are best friends. They work together to protect skin against further damage caused by the UV rays and free radicals.
  • You must always apply moisturizers with SPF as a top layer on your skincare routine, especially when going out in the morning.

To attain greater skin protection, you are also advised to apply multiple products with SPF as possible. Applying a primer with SPF, then covering it with a foundation containing sunscreen, is a good start. Making this a daily habit will eventually result in healthy, your-looking skin protected by the harm caused by UV rays.