Tax and Your Submission Options

Taxes are amounts charged to individuals or legal entities corresponding to some function or assets that are returned to the population in the form of improvements.

Our country is among the countries that most levy taxes and taxes on its residents, businessmen and the population as a whole. To give you an idea, something around 38% of the national economy is used to pay taxes.

  • According to the federal government, we can call “tax” any type of tax paid by individuals or legal entities to municipalities, states or the Brazilian state, also called a federation or union.
  • These taxes have the main objective of contributing to government management and investments (especially for infrastructure).

The vast majority of taxes are federal taxes, that is, they are intended for the Federal Government. Are they:

Import Tax

The Import Tax is a federal tax for which the Union is responsible. This type of federal tax, as its name implies, applies to products purchased in foreign territory.

Therefore, every time purchases are made abroad, the delivery of products in Brazil is only authorized upon payment of the Import Tax. Learn more information about

Thus, the taxpayer is the importing individual or legal entity. This type of federal tax has two types of collection:

  • simplified taxation regime (for goods purchased in the amount of up to US $ 100)
  • or special tax regime (for goods purchased with values ​​above US $ 100 and below US $ 3000)

Export Tax

The Export Tax is a tax within the competence of the Union. It is levied on products manufactured or assembled internally that have as their final destination a consumer from another country. Thus, all taxpayers who promote a product to another country are taxpayers.

The basis for calculating this tax is the product price itself, and the rates imposed can vary widely, ranging from 9% to 150%.

To increase wealth it is necessary to put our money in motion, that is, invest it. It is useless to have money saved if we keep it at home in a drawer or, as it is colloquially said, under the mattress. Keep in mind that over time (due to inflation), money tends to lose its value. So that, after a few months or years, what we have saved no longer helps us to buy what we could have acquired at another time.

For this reason, to increase financial efficiency, it is necessary to investigate which investment instrument available on the market best suits our needs and expectations.

Keep us up to date

Finally, an essential strategy to be more effective financially is to always be informed of what is happening around us, that is, to keep abreast of changes not only financially, but also politically and socially, both in terms of our city, as in our country and in the world. A well-informed person makes better decisions.This type of federal tax falls on both the value of the imported product and the national industrialized product. In addition, in the case of products put up for auction (due to abandonment or seizure), the tax is also charged.