How does a love spell work?

There is no scientific evidence about the effects of love spells. This means that the mode of action is neither described nor proven. There are certain love spells that work are based on strengthening one’s own self-confidence and thus should make the magician or bewitched more attractive for the desired partner.

How do you conjure a love spell?

Love spells are very different in their execution. There are a few basic things that almost always play an important role in spells.

The place

Among other things, for the correct execution of a love spell you should go to a quiet place where you are undisturbed. Interrupting the casting process may render the spell ineffective.

The day

The day on which you perform the ritual also plays an important role. Most love spells are cast on a Friday when the moon is waxing. The attraction of the moon is supposed to symbolize the desired attraction in the relationship and Friday is the name day of Venus, goddess of love.

The ingredients

The ingredients that are used vary widely. The spectrum ranges from aids such as a sheet of paper to personal items such as photos or hair to symbolic objects such as feathers, candles or cords. What the love spells have in common is that the magicians have to concentrate on the loved one. Personal items should make this easier. It is also intended to have an effect on a specific goal. If you are generally looking for a partner without having someone special in mind, these things are usually not available. But they can be replaced by a fixed idea of ​​the future or by a self-made clay figure. Sometimes special clothing is required, e.g. white linen clothing.


Many sorceries also have an important number component. For example, a sheet of paper has to be torn into seven or thirteen pieces. Or three by three hairs have to be burned. Numbers have been ascribed magical properties for centuries. Including the 3, the 7 or the 13.


There is also often a movement component. You have to go around in circles, take a certain number of steps or make movements with your arms. This makes love magic more similar to a ritual.

Quick prayers

There is no such thing as a classic spell. It can also be a quiet, meditative state in which magic takes place. But when a spell is cast, it is usually a quick prayer to goddesses of love, such as Venus or Aphrodite.

When does a love spell work?

The duration of the effect of love spells is different depending on the spell. A basic rule is that black magic sorcery works faster than white magic. It can be assumed that white spells will last longer because they are already based on something that already exists. However, there is no guarantee that the magic will work. If there is no visible effect of a love spell after a reasonable period of time (this can last up to 40 days), the love ritual can be repeated. Even then, a positive result is not guaranteed.