Five Tips to Help You Find the Right Customs Broker for You

Shipping goods from one country to another is quite complicated, given the number of trade agreements that must be met to ensure efficient and smooth transport of goods. Also, countries have tightening customs regulations that make it even more essential for business owners to hire a reputable customs broker such as those from Clearit USA. Business owners can depend on a customs broker in terms of getting shipments released by Customs or other government agencies that might have jurisdiction over the goods, managing documentary requirements in importing goods, and other documents. 

While there are many customs brokerage and independent customs brokers available out there, finding the one that offers excellent service can be difficult. The tips below can help you make the right choice:

Find a Broker Who Has Extensive Industry Experience

Customers brokers vary in terms of the industries they serve. So, you must pick a broker who has years of experience in handling your specific need. Exporting or importing certain kinds of goods can be easier with the help of an experienced broker. 

Do Your Homework

When hiring a customs broker, don’t just depend on recommendations. Instead, ensure you do your homework. Find popular names in the industry and list down some firms.  Then, find out about them including their reputation, rates, reviews, previous clients, and other relevant information. This way, you can weigh out the options and make a smart decision. 

Choose a Licensed Broker

A customs broker’s license indicates their qualification to perform their job. By dealing with a licensed broker, you will have peace of mind knowing that you let a legitimate service handling your customs needs. 

Consider their Service Offerings

Aside from basic services, a good customs broker should provide subsidiary or value-added services like writing your Customs bonds, arranging warehousing and direct distribution, placing cargo insurance, arranging forwarding services for return goods, and arranging ocean and air transport services to meet your transport time requirements. Also, they should provide consultation on transport and logistic solutions. Look for a customs broker who has comprehensive servicing offerings. 

Ask How they Will Manage Accounts

As you meet with a customs broker, ask whether they will do transaction entries themselves or sub-contract to somebody else. Also, ensure their brokerage firm has licensed brokers to be actively involved in your clearances. They should allocate sufficient employees to handle your volume. Ask if their team is available on weekends and holidays for regular customs needs or emergencies.