Exploring Upscale Bars And Lounges With A Classy Escort 

The night is still early, and going to bars and lounges with an escort gives you a sense of satisfaction. You can explore the city’s nightlife with an escort by driving around and visiting different high-end clubs. The ambiance of these clubs and bars will lift your mood, and you can spend a great night with your escort. 

Whether you want to get drunk or are looking for a romantic night out, we have curated this guide that helps you know how to explore bars and lounges with your escort and have a lifetime of fun. You can hire classy and friendly escorts from Listcrawler who will satisfy all your sexual desires. 

How To Explore Upscale Bars And Lounges With Your Escort 

Here, we have listed some of the best ways you can explore bars and lounges with your escort and have a great night. 

Live Music Bars 

You can go to a live music bar with your escort and enjoy the shows. These bars usually have local bands who will sing live and also accept song requests from the visitors. Some music bars have a DJ and a lighting show where you can simply enjoy the clubbing ambiance. You can also go to a rave party with your escort and engage in sexual activities to close the night. 

Lap Dance 

Getting a lap dance is a fantasy many people dream of. There are plenty of bars where you can get a lap dance from the performers. You can also ask your escort to give you a lap dance when you are in a private booth in a bar. Have a drink, enjoy the whole bar experience, and get a steamy lap dance from your escort. 

VIP Lounges 

If you want to spend money on your escort for a great and memorable night out experience, VIP lounges are often the best. Book a VIP booth in high-end city lounges, enjoy your cocktails, and have a little chit-chat. You can go straight to your hotel room to have sex or simply engage in sexual activities in the VIP lounge booths. 

Strip Clubs 

Watching a strip show with your escort is another incredible way to spend your night. You can find numerous strip clubs in your city, so book a ticket to the club and go with your escort. You can visit a couple strip club, a gay strip club, or a lesbian strip club – whatever you both like. You can hire more escorts from Listcrawler, who will give you an amazing strip tease performance. 

Cosplay Clubs 

Cosplay clubs are where people dress up in specific characters and enjoy their night clubbing. If you have cosplay sex on your bucket list, you can ask your escort to dress up in the costume you like and have sex. For example, people fantasize about maid cosplay, bunny cosplay with tail and ears, anime cosplay, etc. 

Beach Bars 

Bars that are located on the seaside often have the best night views. Take your escort to a beach bar, get some drinks, have fun strolling around, play a little in the water, and go to an isolated spot by the beach to have sex. You can also book an overnight beach room and engage in sexual activities until you are satisfied. 

Exclusive Massage Bars 

There are numerous massage bars where you can get body oil massages that are quite erotic. You can take your escort to these bars and get a body-to-body oily massage and end with massage sex. You can also get a couple body massages with your escort from experienced massage therapists. 

Sex Shows 

You can watch live sex shows with your escort in an adult bar. If you fantasize about having sex in public, you can have sex with your escort in the bar. You can rent a bar room to have all-night sex where you can get condoms and various sex toys. 

Bottom Line 

For a night of lifetime fun, exploring bars and lounges with your escort is a great way. You can visit clubs, have drinks together, chat a little, tease each other playfully, and end your day with steamy all-night sex.