Everything You Need To Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Singapore

The hand is one of the body parts you always use, and you cannot live without it. You use it in everything you do, whether big or small. With this, always take care of your hands. You can massage it if you are doing something or wash it and keep it clean. You can also check with a hand doctor in Singapore to check its condition even if you are not feeling any discomfort. Prevent any possible problems that could happen in your hands and wrists, especially if it is what you use at work.


Check carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore to know about hand and wrist conditions. Many people experience the ailment because of different reasons. Some of them are because of an underlying health situation or how they use their hands. If you are in the same position, here is everything you need to know about carpal tunnel syndrome:


The first thing you need to know about carpal tunnel syndrome and other health conditions is their causes. If you do not have the ailment, you know what you should and should not do to avoid it from happening. It is how you will know if the things you are doing are safe and if there is something you need to change. To help you start, here are some of the causes:


If you have high blood pressure, watch out for your movements and overall health because it can affect many factors in your body. You might feel your hands get weak, making it difficult for you to move your things. If you experience this, check with your doctor immediately.


A fracture in the wrist can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Your hands become more sensitive if there is a problem, causing more issues if not taken seriously. If you are not careful with your movements, you will notice that your wrist is beginning to swell and hurt more.


Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are some health conditions that could trigger this syndrome. So if you have any of these two, check with a wrist specialist in Singapore. They are the ones who can tell you what you need to do to avoid worsening your condition. But, tell them about your other ailments to prescribe the correct medicine. Some of what they might give could affect your overall health.


Hormones are the reason why the condition happens to pregnant and menopausal women. So if you are in any of these two situations, be mindful of everything you do. If you notice swelling on your hand or wrist, check with your doctor immediately.

Remember these carpal tunnel syndrome causes because these can help you be more aware of your body. If you see swelling or redness in the area or feel pain in it, check with a specialist and know the available treatment for you.



Now that you know the causes, you must also be aware of the symptoms. It is when you notice something unusual in your hand or wrist that could affect your movement and health. Some of these might be usual for some, but overlooking them could cause more problems. The following are the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome that you should be aware of:

  • You cannot feel your hand.
  • Your hand looks swollen.
  • You cannot lift your hand.
  • You feel pain in the area.
  • You cannot hold things.

If you notice any of these in your hand or wrist, do not ignore them and consult your doctor immediately. They can give you the treatment needed for your condition, especially if it is already severe. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not something you should overlook, so ensure that you are aware of these signs.



Carpal tunnel syndrome can happen to anyone, but some are related to their job. If you know that your job requires too many hand movements, be mindful of your hand and wrist. They could get affected if you are experiencing something in your body. Have a check-up with your doctor if your job is on this list:


Drivers need to use their hands to drive the vehicle. Without it, they cannot go to their destination. If you are driving, be mindful of your hand always. It might feel pain without notice, affecting your safety on the road. If you see that you cannot drive further, go for a stop first.


Online gamers are the number one users of a keyboard. And every time they play, the only body parts moving are the hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome can happen to them because of the repetitive movement of their hands. And if this job is what you have, do not forget to massage your wrists. Take a rest after your game or before entering another round.


Cashiers need to be quick in punching in the items that customers bought. And sometimes, it could tire them immediately. If you have this job, take care of yourself by resting your hand. If you do not have a customer, massage your hand and wrist. Always keep them straight to avoid experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome.


Chefs also need to take care of their hands because it is what they use to cook. Everything they do involves the hand, so ensure it is in good condition. If you feel that it is getting numb or painful, stop what you are doing and take a rest. Check with a doctor to avoid more issues with your hand and wrist.

You need to remember many things if you are experiencing a hand condition. These can give you an idea about what you need to do if you start experiencing the symptoms and who you should call. If you are not confident going to the doctor alone, having someone with you can help. It is also the same if you will undergo hand surgery in Singapore. To give you more ideas about the ailment, visit the Advanced Hand, Wrist & Nerve Centre website.