Effective Tips To Carry Out Remote Recruitment In This Pandemic

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, recruitment is still a need for some companies even today while for some, it will be in the near future for sure. However, the current situation has led to a change and shift in the overall recruitment process, leading us towards face mask remote recruitment. It is important to hire positions for an organization without risking anyone’s health and safety. 

To ensure the process safety, here are some effective tips to carry out successful remote recruiting:

  • Know your candidate’s profile- Before diving in the process; check your candidate’s profile thoroughly. Have a brief conversation with your hiring manager or firm ahead of the recruitment, so you get an idea of what to expect for the new role. This includes looking for hard and soft skills, qualifications, job expectations, and experiences. 
  • Collaborative tools- Communicating and staying in touch with your HR team during recruitment is extremely important but remote working can present new challenges. Have a centralized space where everyone is on the same page and can easily review and track the progress of candidates. Using software with collaborative tools such as instant messaging, hiring, and manager approval can effectively take your hiring process from office to home.
  •  Video interviews- With the rise in remote working among various departments and staff across different regions, video interviewing has become a popular option. A major benefit of carrying out a video interview is that you can see the candidate, which gives a sense of how they interact with you. Some advanced video interface software use AI to analyze the interviewee’s body language, eye contact, etc. giving an overall view about the person.
  • Distant, in-person interview- Once you are done with the interview process virtually, it is important to meet the potential candidates in-person. Meeting in a separate, allocated place in a large room, allows you to carry out interview without any close proximity with the candidates. Make sure to wear masks and sanitize the room between each interview.
  • Job trial period- If you don’t want immediate hiring, go for job trials. Most people are currently available due to job lay-offs. Hence a 1-2-week job trial is feasible and also gives you the opportunity to examine the candidate’s ability and skills to continue the job in the future.

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