Does smoking cause wrinkles?

Premature wrinkles are another reason to quit smoking other than the various ones you may know. If you smoke, you may have experienced early wrinkles on your face compared to your friends or colleagues who do not smoke and have healthy skin. Smoking can damage your skin and leads to cause various skin diseases. However, you can consult with your doctor about quit smoking products. They may help reduce your tobacco cravings.

Smoking can gear up the usual aging process of your skin. It can cause wrinkles and make the appearance of your face deprived. These changes may comprise crow’s-feet, pronounced lines between the eyebrows, rough skin tone, a greyish tone on the skin, profound pleats and puffiness below the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, and thinner lips. The longer you smoke, the more you become prone to develop age-linked changes on your face, like wrinkles. Sun exposure is another factor that can make your skin worse. Nicotine and other chemicals present in a cigarette can damage your skin over time and result in the pre-mentioned impairments. The blood vessels become narrow with the use of nicotine. As a result, the oxygen and blood supply get restricted to the skin cells.

Quit smoking products can help you avoid nicotine. You can consult with your healthcare provider for the same. Also, ask him or her how to use those products for the best results. The chemicals present in tobacco trigger molecular incidents that reshape or impair the arrangement essential for skin health and its elasticity. They also lead to the formation of lines around the eyes and the mouth. The un-inhaled smoke and heat may impair the surface of your skin. These factors make the potency of the skin deprived enough that it may not repair the wounds, which may lead to scarring and wound infection.

The impairments caused to your skin by smoking are irreversible. However, if you decide not to smoke, you may be able to decrease the possibility of future damages and remain able to protect your skin and manage the existing losses.

What are the effects of tobacco?

The harmful chemicals in tobacco damage your skin by affecting its texture, elasticity, and color. Moreover, smoking can also lead to cancer like noncancerous psoriasis and squamous cell carcinoma.

Smoking is good by no means. There is always a way to return no matter how long you have come with cigarettes. Consult with your doctor for ways to quit. One of the effective ones is, using quit smoking products. However, other home remedies like exercises, making time for your hobbies, spending time with family and friends, and eating favorite foods can also help reduce your cravings and give up smoking.