Comparing Online vs High Estate Agents: here is our Take

The hot topic in the real estate industry at present is the demand for online agents. Just like in other industries, internet-based technology has reached the industry. Its growth is swift, but many remain skeptical whether they can truly deliver what they are promising on their marketing campaigns.

We talked to the traditional estate agents Canary Wharf about the new kids on the blocks, but they did not give a scathing remark. Instead, they told us to lay down the facts on what made them different. It will help their clients make an informed decision on whether to use an online or high street estate agents Canary Wharf.

Let us break it down!


Sellers indeed put fees on top of their list when deciding whether to hire an online or traditional estate agent Canary Wharf. And there is a big difference indeed.

Online estate agents do not take commissions. Instead, they ask for a one-off fixed fee. It sounds like a great deal, but you have to pay this amount whether the property sells or not. High-street estate agents, on the other hand, will charge between 1 to 2 % of the total sale price.

It may look good on paper, and it seems that the decision is easy to make, but as the saying goes: you will get what you pay for.

With a traditional estate agent Canary Wharf, you are hiring someone to work with you in getting the best price and will aggressively pursue the transaction to get the commission.

When you sign up with an online agent, you will pay the money upfront, and they have no other incentive to make an effort on the transaction. Remember, they will get paid whether your home sells or not.

Another marketing strategy that online agencies apply is showing a low price on their services. Many property owners end up paying more as the costs of viewing, photography, premium listings, sales boards, and portal listings can add up to the initial quoted price.


Another major difference between an online agent and estate agents Canary Wharf is the service that you will receive. Online agents have no problems with appointments because they have many sellers on their arsenal.

They are also available 24/7, so their clients can contact them at any time, day or night. However, you will be talking to a call centre agent who doesn’t know you and your current situation.

A reputable estate agent Canary Wharf took time building relationships. They offer their one-on-one service that keeps you in the loop with every step they take.

Lastly, talking to a call centre agent can often leave you frustrated because they are impersonal. Would you allow a big transaction to be handled this way? Although a high street estate agent may not be available in the middle of the night, they provide their clients with a more personal service. They will not put you on hold the next time you call them too.

Now that you have all the facts on what to expect between an online and traditional estate agent in Canary Wharf, we hope that you make a sound decision the next time you need to hire one.