Collaboration In The Modern Day: The 10 Perks Of Being In A Co-living Space In Singapore

As a young professional immersing yourself in the modern energy and vibe of the city, you probably have heard of a coliving space in Singapore that caters to people who wish to save up on rentals and other expenses. Aside from that, some amenities go beyond the four concerns of your room. You are in it for the lifestyle that widens your horizon and lets you grow.

Most businesses and other real estate entities market these as revolutionary spaces that bring positive experiences, such as the presence of collaborative spaces that feed your mind & soul and other activities that give a sense of community. Also, it is not for a particular type of person, and everyone is welcome in these places!

Elevate your modern and professional life by considering a coliving space that suits your vibrant and exciting personality. Here are some of the perks you should know:



Contrary to the typical process of hiring a real estate broker, searching for many listings at once, purchasing furniture for a bare unit, and settling other bills, going for a coliving space brings a less complicated process because it is usually straightforward. In short, there is no need to contact many people because all you have to do is arrange everything with the management. (Tip: These things can be overwhelming for the first-timer, so take time to read what the company offers to their tenants.)


Most young professionals follow a typical lifestyle: Wake up, go to the office or your home workstation, grab meals outside, and chill at a nearby coffee shop to relax and work someplace new. A co living space, more often than not, has all of these things, and there is no need to go out of your residential unit to enjoy a good cup of your favourite iced coffee or look for an ambient place to work. Imagine being able to work & play in your own vicinity. Seems exciting, right?


Another promise of a co living space in Singapore is affordability! As mentioned above, you get to minimise the expenses and energy of trusting a broker who will search properties for you. Not to mention, you have to take care of everything from rearranging furniture and settling utility bills. All you have to do now is finalise everything with the management, pack your bags, and expect the room to be furnished with your basic living needs.



Collaborative working and living spaces are usually associated with the modern digital nomad with the luxury of time and freedom to work wherever they want. You would often see these people in hostels abroad or on some remote island, in coffee shops in the city or anywhere with high activity. However, the great news is that a co living space in Singapore is for all types of professionals, whether you are a freelancer looking to land their first client or a finance analyst who seeks to meet anyone from their industry.


When it comes to choosing a conducive space for working, everyone has different opinions. Some prefer studying in busy coffee shops that give them a sense of belonging, in the library where no one is allowed to talk, or at home for added cosiness. Do not worry because a coliving space in Singapore caters to everyone: There are vibrant collaborative spaces for people who seek to connect with others, solo meeting rooms for video conferences and privacy, and even unique seating for a comfortable working day.



The usual room in a coliving space has everything you need, such as a private bathroom and an area for sleeping or working. However, you might need to do laundry and cook your own meals, so the management got you covered with communal facilities that give everyone access to amenities. (Tip: Never feel intimidated because no one is forced to socialise with other people, and simple greetings and smiles are already enough!)


Even if you like going to bars and pubs after a long day at work or spending your afternoons in a coffee shop, you might feel lonely at night because of the realisation that you are alone. What a co living space offers is the sense of community that regular properties do not have. You get to interact with fellow young and modern professionals while working, attend events & activities organised by the management, and even forge a healthy relationship with them.


Surely no one would believe us if we told you that a coliving space is good for introverts. Contrary to popular belief that these spaces are only for those who wish to interact with people 24/7, they are inclusive and respectful of people’s preferences. For example, there is nothing wrong with working during the day and hiding in the shell or your room to recharge at night. Everyone will understand your need for alone time!


Young professionals and anyone who move from one place to another struggle with their belongings. One issue is the problem of getting rid of their old furniture because their new flat already has one. Another is the idea of not spending too much on these things because the house is not theirs. A coliving space in Singapore allows tenants to live lighter because there is no need to transport furniture and other heavy belongings, and after your contract, there is nothing to worry about!



Imagine surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who want nothing but growth in life. Residing in a coliving space means being with people who want to succeed in their careers, live a life worth living, and make an impact in this lifetime. You can also build a professional relationship with other tenants to have a mindset that focuses on growth! It is one selling point that goes beyond the four walls of your room.

Coliwoo is a co living space in Singapore that offers all of these perks. Visit their website to explore this residential option that will surely improve the quality of your life.