Can you bundle products on Amazon?

Brand owners can use the FBA virtual product bundles tool to build ‘virtual’ bundles of two to five complementing ASINs that can be purchased together from a single detail page. Brand owners can now offer bundles without having to package things together or change FBA inbound inventory. Firefox or Chrome is the ideal browsers for using the tool. You should also know about product bundle examples and earn high profits. Things to consider before starting bundle products on Amazon:

  1. Seller qualification

Only merchants who own a brand can use this functionality. The seller must be an internal brand employee who is in charge of selling the brand on Amazon. You have not been recognized as a brand owner if you do not have access to this function. To identify you as a brand owner and obtain access to Virtual product bundles and other brand-exclusive perks, go to the Brand Benefit Eligibility page.

  1. Requirements

To be considered for inclusion in a virtual bundle, you must first:

  • ASINs must be associated with a brand that you own and have registered with the Brand Registry.
  • Active FBA inventory in the ‘New’ condition is required for ASINs.
  • Gift cards, electronically delivered products (such digital music, video, and books), and renewed/used ASINs are not allowed in virtual bundles.
  • Product bundles are only available in the Amazon US store.

  1. Amount of ASINs

Two to five ASINs are required in each bundle. Each ASIN component must be available for purchase separately. This means that this tool cannot build multipacks or “multi-box” goods (single ASINs that ship in pieces in numerous boxes).

  1. Pricing

Product bundles can be priced less than or equal to the sum of the individual product prices. The most popular bundles usually include appealing savings. If the price of a bundle exceeds the sum of its component prices, the bundle loses Buy Box eligibility. Even if the price of a component changes, bundle prices will not change; it is the seller’s job to keep track of the bundle price and update it if component pricing changes.

Final thoughts

Virtual Product Bundles appear to be a simple approach to increase product exposure and move inventory faster without any risks or expenditures. Virtual Product Bundles are a win-win for everyone because they save Amazon valuable space in its FBA warehouses, relieve sellers of the trouble of packaging the bundles themselves, and save customers time from having to purchase each product separately. Consumers may be able to save money as well, depending on whether you give a discount.

Combining your best-selling items with complementary items helps to raise brand awareness and visibility. To show clients what other things you offer, make your best-selling item the major component of your package. Product bundles, according to Amazon, are two to five products from your catalogue sold together at a price to enhance conversion rates. These items are not packaged together and are instead shipped as separate packages. Amazon bundles products into kits and delivers them from its FBA centers whenever a client puts an order, saving merchants time and bother.